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  • Federico - Really really good quality and superior brightness

    I know this flash light seem expensive....very expensive but it is worth the money! Really really good quality and superior brightness. The light is so powerful and battery life is good enough. It does match what the manufacturer say about characteristics and features.

  • Legalpoodle - Fine, curly and vainly blonde - it's ok

    I have fine, curly and bleached blonde hair. I was really hoping that Wen would meet the advertised promises, but... well, it just doesn't. I've tried all three of these and it is o.k., but for the cost I will go back to regular shampoo and conditioner. My hair is fine and very curly. I (vainly) bleach it blonde so it is dry too. I gave each of the three samples ample opportunity (used each completely) to live up to the promised results and they are just not there. It does help to use it as a leave-in conditioner, but not as much as I'd hoped. My hair is still frizzy, but it is very soft. The lavendar relaxed my curls somewhat, which is not what I wanted. The "mint" is very strong and could easily double as a sinus unblocker. I used the almond first and thought I could get used to the smell. The others are less pleasant. I may try the fig because I really do like the convience of using one product over several and my hair has never been softer. However,my hopes are not high. Good luck to all who read this. I hope it works better for you if you decide to give it a whirl.

  • dad's gemini - Roaches Be Gone ... Not all.

    I would walk into my kitchen late nights and find roaches sitting on my counter tops playing cards and smoking cigarettes and asking me what I had to eat! I knew they had to go for I felt like I was in that movie, "Joe's Apartment" and expected them to break out in song! I am very neat, so there is no food out, no dishes in the sink and all cabinet food products are in plastic bags or air-tight sealed jars. I used the product as soon as I received it, loving the powder form and no smell, and noticed an immediate difference. They were even moving slower when seen and killed, and after a few days it seemed they had packed up and moved or died. Yet four days later, it seemed a new batch of them moved in, like the old ones had hung out a vacancy sign and they were back. I know the product is suppose to last longer than 4 days and/or maybe I just needed more than 2 cans. But it worked ... for a while.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent Guide

    Rick Steve's is a great option for a student on a budget. He gives great information and tips as well as walking tours of the cities/museums. He gives practical information like recommendations for accommodations, restaurants, and even places to do laundry or where to find an internet cafe. He lists sites in importance for viewing as well so you know which sites to hit first. The information is delivered in an easy to read, enjoyable manner. Maps were also handy. I would definitely use Rick Steves again in Spain and in Europe.