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Dead Sea Spa Hotel - Lot Spa Hotel - Lot Spa Hotel provides the perfect experience of a luxurious hotel, spa treatments and the beauty of the dead sea. Book your room and start your vacation.

  • http://www.lothotel.com/about/ About us, Lot Hotel, the Dead Sea - Lot Spa Hotel - At the Dead Sea, 400 meters below sea level, our hotel resides, ready to welcome you for a quiet vacation in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. Read more here.
  • http://www.lothotel.com/facilities/ Visiting the dead sea hotel's facilities - Lot Spa Hotel - The dead sea is a lovely place for tourism. Come visit the dead sea, and spoil yourself with our hotel's facilities: swimming pool, Bars, SPA and more!
  • http://www.lothotel.com/newsevents/ Our hotel news & events - Lot Spa Hotel - In this section you'll be able to find all the latest info about our hotel's news & interesting events that will happen at the dead sea
  • http://www.lothotel.com/gallery/ Dead Sea images and hotel's gallery - Lot Spa Hotel - Now that we told you that our hotel is the best place for you vacation at the dead sea, come and have a look at our hotel and the dead sea's image gallery
  • http://www.lothotel.com/jobs/ Jobs and positions at our hotel - Lot Spa Hotel - Looking for a job at the Dead Sea area? Want to gain experience at hotels & tourism fields? Send us your CV, and apply for one of our available positions!
  • http://www.lothotel.com/rooms/ Dead sea resorts and rooms - Lot Spa Hotel - Good resorts such as our hotel is the best way to make your vacation at the dead see a perfect one. Book yourself to one of our lovely rooms today!
  • http://www.lothotel.com/sales/ Packages and Deals booking, dead sea - Lot Spa Hotel - Looking to book your perfect holiday at the dead sea? Take a look at this page, where we gathered our best packages and deals for you!
  • http://www.lothotel.com/spa/ Lotuspa - Our hotel's Dead sea spa - Lot Spa Hotel - It is well knowned that the dead sea has the best spas in Israel. Book yourself the best treatment we can offer in one of our spa's luxurious facilities!
  • http://www.lothotel.com/spa/spa-clinic/ SPA Clinic & Treatments - Lot Spa Hotel - At our Spa Clinic you'll find different kind of treatments for rheumatologic and orthopedic conditions. Enter here and start re-juvenating yourself.
  • http://www.lothotel.com/spa/spa-treatment-packages/ Dead sea SPA treatment packages - Lot Spa Hotel - Our SPA offers a variety of exclusive treatments for our guests at the dead sea, whether 30 or 50 mins. Enter this page and pick the one that suits you.
  • http://www.lothotel.com/clinic/ Dead sea treatments - DMZ Clinic - Lot Spa Hotel - Our clinic is specialized in treatments for multiple diseases (such as: psoriasis, dermatitis etc.) with the dead sea's medical climatic factors.
  • http://www.lothotel.com/clinic/the-dmz-medical-center/ DMZ Medical center for dead sea diseases - Lot Spa Hotel - Located within our hotel at the dead sea, the DMZ medical center has became a leading medical spa, providing treatments for multiple skin & other diseases.
  • http://www.lothotel.com/clinic/research-studies-and-scientific-publications/ Research Studies and Publications - Lot Spa Hotel - In this page you'll be able to find medical and scientific researches and publications about Climatotherapy at the Dead Sea that will enrich your knowledge
  • http://www.lothotel.com/contact_us/ Contact Us - Lot Spa Hotel - For every request, question or remark - please don't hesitate and contact us. We will reply as soon as we can.

    Country:, Asia, IL

    City: 34.75 , Israel

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