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Luna Living – Addiction Recovery Center and Mental Health Therapy - Luna Living is an Addiction Recovery Center in Cleveland, OH specializing in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.

  • http://www.lunaliving.org/specialties/addiction/ Addiction – Personalized Addiction Therapy & Treatment Center in Ohio - Luna Living treats drug & alcohol disorder as a physical disease first! The physical and medical addictions vary person to person and have a major impact on treatment results.
  • http://www.lunaliving.org/specialties/ Our Specialties Treatment Center in Ohio - Luna Living’s Quantum Brain Cleanse Detox and Rejuvenation protocols deliver high doses of highly nutritious amino acids and adequate fluids at a time. Once the underlying cause can be addressed, healing begins to occur.
  • http://www.lunaliving.org/specialties/anti-aging/ Anti Aging – Get Therapy Center & Treatment in Ohio - Medical care is more important for Anti-aging treatment! Physical exercise is proposed as a highly effective means of treating and preventing.
  • http://www.lunaliving.org/treatments/medical-detox-and-iv-nad-therapy/ Detox and Rejuvenation – Alcohol Detox Treatment Program - Detox And Rejuvenation treatments help you regain your health and vitality by helping eliminate toxins. A therapeutic goal is to enable your body to increase the efficacy of the detoxification process and improve your health.

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  • WILLIAM FLATT - CLEP Official Study Guide 2012

    An outstanding product and definitely worth the price you pay. Was shipped in a timely manner and once received was able to use it immediately as it helped me out to complete CLEP tests on a faster pace in order to further my education.

  • MikE - Wow, I think it DOES catch all hair!

    Bought this after I tried the normal suction cup drain covers failed me for the last time. All other drain covers allow some water/debris under it. Figured i would give this a shot. Simple installation. All I had to do was remove the stainless grate cover(held on by one phillips head screw). Dropped in and I was done. The look of this installed is a bit different, not bad just different. There are multiple color options to select from. After 3 days of showers (2 female, one male) I decided to clean this bad boy out. AMAZING how much hair this collected. Works great! Another plus is you don't see the hairball until you remove the Shroom. Clean up was also a breeze, just wiped all the hair off with a paper towel.Highly recommend. You wont regret it!

  • Amazon Customer - Rugged, i think not

    Good sound surround ability. Able to fill a quiet room with sound. Not very clear sound at higher decibels. Company claims product to be rugged. This is true except the charging micro usb port. 110% just as fragile as any other unit. If you've ever owned a Bluetooth speaked then you know this is usually the first part to go. My vtin punker lasted a month or less. Would only recommend if price is cut in half, peace.

  • Kindercare - Outstanding Buy

    I was impressed with the quality of the videos this thing records. It can also record audio. It's like watching a race car movie in first person and captures all video on high definition. Watch out how you drive, this thing might make you second-guess your driving habits. I may end up purchasing another for my wife's vehicle. It will save any recordings if there is an impact so this may remove any questions if an accident occurs as long has it wasn't your fault. Don't self-incriminate.

  • Jeffrey Ober - The stylus started working again after a few minutes :)

    I've used this product on multiple phones and tablets. It's a good, solid, screen. It has saved my phone on multiple occasions, even when falling face down onto concrete. I installed this on my new nvidia shield tablet. The install is simple and not prone to leaving bubbles, as cheaper screen protectors often do. Initially, the stylus did not work afterward. After a few minutes and a reboot, however, it began working again. After several hours, I've noticed that the screen sensitivity to both touch and the stylus is reduced slightly. I hope that the reduction in sensitivity will fade eventually, but after all it has only been several hours. Apart from that issue, the screen fits perfectly and does not interfere with clarify in the slightest. However, the claims that there will be no fingerprints are completely bogus.

  • Kari Layland - Works well but stings.

    I got this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I've had experience with products like this in the past like Marini lash, so I was excited for the chance to try this one out! Having something to compare it to is great, as I really liked using Marini lash and I found that it worked really well in encouraging my lashes to grow in thicker and longer. This product works similarly giving nice results. I would give it more stars, except that it stings like crazy if you get a tiny bit into your eye. I had used Marini lash for months in the past, and never experienced this problem before. I used Bang for about 3 weeks and had to wash my eyes out with water about 4 times due to the stinging sensation. So it's a nice product if you use it perfectly and never get it in your eyes, but if you do it hurts!