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Macafem - Macafem is an all-natural, safe, and effective supplement for menopause and other hormonal disorders. Read everything about Macafem supplements and more.

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  • Retired - a significant and unnecessary exposure to lead

    I had purchased several canisters of this product prior to reading the Consumer lab.com report dated July 5, 2013, where it states the following re All Day Energy Greens. "All Day Energy Greens contained 6.0 mcg of lead in a single scoop (10.6) serving, a significant and unnecessary exposure to lead." During the study there were eleven product evaluated and five of them including All Day failed the test. I would strongly suggest prior to buying this product or any of these green food products that you read this report. It was quite informative and identified six products that are fully compliant.

  • M. Surrency - A gnc employee recommended this product

    A gnc employee recommended this product; it is listed as the best seller in the store. Even the employees are using this product. Definitely give this product 5 stars. I just completed 1 month (today) with the product. I cleaned up my diet little by little; each week setting small goals. I Lost 10 pounds in one month. It gave me loads of energy and no jitters. It really helped me throughout the day at work because I was struggling with energy. It also helped me to get back into the gym and work out 4-5 days p/week. Now I look forward to my evening workouts rather than dreading it. Getting ready to purchase my second bottle.