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Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers - MassCriminalDefense.com - Arrested in Massachusetts? Call (781) 817-6332 immediately for a free legal defense consultation. We fight cases in all Mass courts! Protect your rights.

  • http://www.masscriminaldefense.com/lawyer/ Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers - MA Legal Defense - Russell Matson is the founding attorney at the Law Offices of Russell J. Matson, PC, a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Law firm.
  • http://www.masscriminaldefense.com/criminal-charges/ Massachusetts Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Offenses - Accused of a criminal charge in Massachusetts? Call me now for a free legal consultation and case evaluation. (781) 817-6332
  • http://www.masscriminaldefense.com/arrest/ Massachusetts Arrest Court Procedures - Arraignment - Arrested or accused of a crime in Massachusetts? Here's what you can expect in your criminal case in court.
  • http://www.masscriminaldefense.com/massachusetts-criminal-defense-lawyer/clerkshearing/ Massachusetts Clerk Magistrates Hearing - Show Cause - Have an upcoming Clerk Magistrates hearing for a criminal citation? I can help you try to beat the charge on the spot.
  • http://www.masscriminaldefense.com/assault-charges/ Massachusetts Assault Charge? (781)817-6332 for consultation. - If you're facing an Assault Charge in Massachusetts call or text me now at 781-817-6332. Assault charges can have serious penalties.
  • http://www.masscriminaldefense.com/criminal-drug/ Facing Drug Charges in Massachusetts? How to Fight Possession Charge - You have rights and options when facing drug related charges. I'll explain the options and defend your rights. Call me now to get started. (781) 817-6332.
  • http://www.masscriminaldefense.com/criminal-traffic/ Massachusetts Criminal Traffic Charges - Negligent Operation - Charged with a criminal traffic offense in Massachusetts? We fight cases from OUI to negligent operation of a motor vehicle. We can help!

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