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  • http://www.mccannhealth.com/case-studies/taking-quality-healthcare-to-all/ Narayana Health campaign: taking quality healthcare to all - Narayana Health faced a number of challenges to provide quality yet affordable health care. We started by giving the brand uniformity and constant identity.
  • http://www.mccannhealth.com/case-studies/every-breath-counts/ Every breath counts: pneumonia treatment | McCann Health - Pneumonia is the number one killer of children under five. We provided a suite of adaptable pneumonia treatment education materials for local organisations.
  • http://www.mccannhealth.com/case-studies/exposing-the-great-rosacea-cover-up/ Exposing the great rosacea cover up - Grandma campaign - We devised a compelling campaign for Grandma centred to end rosacea cover up habit, and encourage people to seek advice from a doctor.

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