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  • Robert J. Korzuch II - This handset has been NOTHING but a waste of my time and EFFORT

    This is the SECOND PHONE in a week I tried to get working. I thought the first one was defective and sent it back BUT this one does not stay connected to AT&T either. The BLU company just brings you through a hard reset and other than that has NOT been Helpful AT ALL. I have tried every APN possible yet to no avail will it stay connected to AT&T. This handset has been NOTHING but a waste of my time and EFFORT! AT&T even supplied me with a new SIM, but the problem is in the HANDSETS by BLU! Blu just asks where I bought it and they suggest I just send it back AGAIN! What seemed like a nice product and great deal, WAS NOT! Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, you will soon find out it isn't.

  • Donn - Too Old

    I ran a risk purchasing this for my newer iMac. It came with instructions, disk, and registration code... none of which I needed. You are better off downloading online, as it makes you download it anyway. The disc and paying from amazon was pointless. Does not work and have to pay to download.

  • Shay - It worked for me...

    I know people are skeptical about this rating but I can tell you I am a real person and it worked for me. I started using this along with Clomid in August and not only did it regulate my period from +\- 35 days to 28 days on the dot, but I am currently 4/5 weeks pregnant. Like other reviewers, I was quite skeptical and this was my last ditch effort to take something that will increase my chance of pregnancy. My husband began taking FertileAid for Men and I'm unsure if this helped out also but I'm pregnant. I am also 26years old and have been TTC since the day I got married a little over a year ago. With the help of God, Pregnitude, Clomid, FertileAid for Men, and prayer here we are expecting our first child. I am still taking it because the ingredients promote healthy brain function for the baby. I highly encourage this and I hope this give other women TTC the hope they need to keep on trying. God Bless and Baby Dust to all...

  • N. DeGuzman - Yeah, It's That Good

    Definitely Gaga's most personal, eclectic, and socially conscious album yet. Sure, I do somewhat miss the pumping dance tracks of her previous work, but that's peanuts in the face of the intimacy and broad-reach of this album. And I liked this more on first listen than BTW and Artpop.