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Medical Research of Arizona | Clinical Trials for Asthma, Reflux and Seasonal Allergies - Specialized care for those with allergic and immunologic disorders. We have been considered the premier Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology clinic in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona for over 35 years

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  • John C. - Solid console that will get better in time

    Pre-ordered the Day One edition during last summer's E3. Happy with purchase so far despite the UI needing an overhaul to be more like the 360. Why "fix" something that worked so well in the past? Soon to be released updates should hopefully correct some of that. Also, the launch games and few releases since have been so-so at best, though that will finally take an upturn when Titanfall releases in March.

  • PAUL MCNEIL - You never know what's coming next

    I've been a fan of the Best American Nonrequired Reading series for a while, and this year is probably one of the most solid collections in the series. There is the usual grab bag of interesting and funny excerpts at the beginning, and articles and short stories after. There are a few that don't quite hit their mark, but some of it has stuck with me in the months since I read it. For example, "Casino" haunted me with its distillation of a parent's greatest fears, "Human Snowball" was full of serendipity, and "The Blind Faith of the One-Eyed Matador" shows human determination at its most impressive and foolhardy. My guess is, with this varied assortment, different readers will latch on to different pieces, but there's something for everyone. You never really know what will come next, and that's the fun of these collections.