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  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/acne/ Acne is a treatable skin condition using information from Medinformer - Acne is a common skin condition that causes pimples on the face, neck, shoulders, chest and back and can lead to scarring of the skin.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/bedwetting/ Bedwetting is mostly caused by overproduction of urine and is treatable - The most common cause of bedwetting is overproduction of urine at night and inability to wake at night in response to a full bladder.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/bladder-weakness/ bladder weakness or urinary incontinence information by Medinformer - Bladder weakness (urinary incontinence) is involuntary loss of urine. It occurs in one in four women and one in eight men, making it as common as hay fever.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/blood-clots/ Blood Clots | Use Medinformer to know when they are good or bad - The formation of blood clots is usually rather useful as it forms a plug that saves us from bleeding to death from a minor wound.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/blood-pressure/ Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in arteries - Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in arteries that is needed to keep blood flowing through the body and high blood pressure is very common.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/bone-health/ Bone Health | Maximize bone health with information by Medinformer - The health of your bones is increasingly important as you age. Maximize your bone health during younger years to lower fracture risk later in life.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/breast-pumps/ Breast Pumps | Best breast pump advice from Medinformer - Breast pumps are used after breast milk has come in (initiation), to build and maintain lactation and reaching adequate breast milk production.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/breastfeeding/ Breastfeeding brought to you by Medinformer Health - Did you know that by breastfeeding and not using formula you are doing your baby a huge health favour? Breast milk contains easily digestible fats ...
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/cold-sores/ Cold Sores | Fever Blisters | Treatment Options by Medinformer - Cold sores infect the lips, mouth, throat or gums. They are small, painful, fluid-filled blisters and may also be referred to as fever blisters.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/colds-and-flu/ Colds and Flu | Know the different symptoms with Medinformer - Colds and flu are different. Colds start slowly, symptoms are not radical and are over in five days. Flu symptoms can take up to two weeks for recovery.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/constipation/ Constipation | Mild or chronic constipation can be treated - Constipation symptoms can be remedied using a variety of solutions depending on your age, severity and persistence of your constipation.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/contraception/ Contraception | Know your options with Medinformer - Contraception prevents unwanted pregnancies in women, reduces infant mortality, helps to prevent HIV/AIDS and slows population growth.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/contraception-services/ Contraception Services | Be informed with Medinformer Health - Contraception services include copper IUD,combined pill, injection, patch, condoms for him and her, female sterilisation and vasectomy.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/depression/ Depression | Information by Medinformer on this treatable disease - Depression is an illness that can seriously impair all aspects, including personal relationships, performance at work and enjoyment of leisure activities.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/diarrhoea/ Diarrhoea | Symptoms | Treatment | Information by Medinformer - Diarrhoea is most often described as a decrease in stool consistency and an increase in stool volume marked frequency, urgency and faecal incontinence.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/dry-vagina/ Dry Vagina | A common symptom of menopause and low oestrogen - Low levels of oestrogen due to menopause often cause changes in the vagina and bladder, which can cause a dry vagina and urinary problems.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/ebola/ Ebola | Stay informed on infectious disease with Medinformer - Ebola is a highly contagious viral disease that is transmitted via bodily fluids and by surfaces and materials contaminated with these fluids.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/erectile-dysfunction/ Erectile Dysfunction | Treatment options from Medinformer - Erectile dysfunction can be a total inability to achieve an erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or a tendency to sustain brief erections only.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/exam-stress/ Exam Stress Solutions brought to by Medinformer Health - Exam stress can strike whether you’re at college or university, or still working through high school and the pressure on you to perform well is huge.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/feminine-hygiene/ Feminine Hygiene | Intimate care information from Medinformer - Many factors affect feminine hygiene and can lead to irritation and infection but with correct feminine hygiene and intimate care, these can be prevented.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/fungal-nail-infections/ Fungal Nail Infections | Stay informed with Medinformer - Fungal nail infections spread from nail to nail. Introduce habits to keep nails healthy and prevent fungal nail infections.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/fussy-eaters/ Fussy Eaters | Tips and tricks for parents from Medinformer - Fussy eaters are well-known to most parents who face challenges of their children’s eating habits and wanting to instill healthy eating habits.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/hair-loss/ Hair Loss | Thinning Hair options from Medinformer - Hair loss and thinning hair (alopecia) is a common problem that both men and women experience that go beyond hereditary thinning and male pattern baldness.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/heart-attack-and-stroke/ Heart Attack And Stroke | Stay Informed With Medinformer - Heart attacks and strokes are among the common diseases of the heart and blood vessels, collectively termed cardiovascular disease.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/heartburn-and-ulcers/ Heartburn and Ulcers | Symptoms | Causes | Treatment - Heartburn and ulcers worsen when stomach acid flows back up from your stomach and irritates the lining of your food pipe (esophagus).
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/heart-health/ heart health brought to you by Medinformer Health - Below are some of the important health areas that can impact your heart health. Take a closer look at these medically referenced brochures ...
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/hypertension/ Hypertension | High Blood Pressure | The Silent Killer - Hypertension is the state of elevated blood pressure over an extended period of time. Blood pressure rises and falls during the day.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/insomnia/ Insomnia | Acute Insomnia | Chronic Insomnia | Medinformer - Insomnia affects roughly 30% of the population worldwide and is characterized by difficulty falling and / or staying asleep.

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  • James A Wilson - Don't buy it

    This product does not work well. Even after soaking my nails for 15 or so minutes (by hand washing dishes), it didn't trim my nails. I bought after watching an infomercial that I saw at 6am in the morning. I shouldn't buy things before I've had a couple cups of coffee. Don't waste your money.

  • Tech Savvy - Best Stop Leak I have used so far.

    I have a 2007 Impala that leaks like a sieve. I literally have oil leaking from every single place possible... no exaggeration! My car takes 5w30. I first tried high mileage oil with substituting a quart of oil for a quart of Lucas Engine Stop Leak. This may have slowed down the oil leaks, but did not cure them. After running the 5w30 with Lucas for a month, I drained the oil and tried a new combination.

  • Emily Webb - Love it

    Super easy, on time fast delivery, well packaged. Baby loves it. Easy to mix. Good for 1 year. Mixed product food for 24 hours. Open can good for 30 days. Baby eats 4 oz every 3 hoursish. 1 can lasts about 5 days.

  • Fuzzbunbun - Great towel, well-made, highly recommended.

    This really is the Best Sports Towel. I bought the Best Sports Towel by Sport2People - Compact Microfiber Yoga Towel - Quick Dry Super Absorbent Camping Towel- for Travel, Gym, Beach, Swim - Lightweight - Great for Backpacking, Hiking, Cooling - Extremely Soft and Thick - 20"x40" the smaller size in purple. It's just the right size, I use it mostly for drying my hair, which is down to my waist. I love how soft it is and so absorbent! This towel is well-made, great stitching, high-quality. I like the color too. It did have a chemical smell to it when I first opened it, but after a run through the wash, it's completely gone. This towel also comes with a mesh bag with a strap, although it's nice to have, I've never found myself to stuff the towel back in there. Great towel, well-made, highly recommended.