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    I have been using this phone for a couple days now as a replacement for my iPhone until that comes back and it is great. I have pretty much never used an android device, and it is really easy to get used to. If definitely has perks compared to IOS, and that is up to you. The only think I don't like about android os is the keyboard and they way it types, but I will probably get used to it along with the lack of Imessage. For the phones price, it is great. The back speaker an get really loud, but the front phone speaker can sound a little muffled at times. It's battery life is also not the best out there, but it can last a decent amount. I love that I can use a SD card to make the memory larger since the device built in memory is very small. My iPhone 6 Sim was a nano Sim, and it did not fit into this phone, but luckily I was able to 3D Print an adapter withing 2 minutes so it could fit a micro Sim slot. The cameras can take a nice simple picture, not anything great compared to flagship phones but it gets the job done. The feel of the phone is great, and the back cover is sleek with grip and is really easy to take off when needed. It is skinny, and the volume and power buttons feel great. One thing about the phone that I was a little sad about is that it does not have a gyroscope sensor, but this would not be a problem for the regular consumer. I dabble in Virtual Reality gaming with my phone, and that would be nice to have.