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  • L. Wagoner - I have always had very high bad cholesterol (LDL) and very low good cholesterol (HDL) and ...

    I actually get Omega XL mailed to me monthly. I ordered it from the original website. I have been taking this for about a year now. To be very honest, I have not really seen much, if any, change in my joint pains, but what I saw a HUGE difference in was my lab results. I have always had very high bad cholesterol (LDL) and very low good cholesterol (HDL) and extremely high Triglycerides regardless of what medication I took for those. After taking Omega XL for 3 months, I could not believe the difference in my labs. For the first time that I know of all of my labs were completely normal. After 6 months, they were down even more in the normal range and my good cholesterol (HDL) was improved so much it was almost outside of the normal range in the high part. I am thrilled. My doctor said whatever you're doing, keept doing it. That was the only difference I made; no change in my diet or exercise. So, I will continue taking this. I took 2 pills morning and night for the first month, as recommended, and now take 1 pill morning and night since then.

  • Ronald B. Vlack - Great product. Amazon needs to fix the state download problem

    I also could not download the state program. Amazon is working on this. It's just an error on their part that they download the 12.99 version even if you buy the 21.99 version. They will refund the 21.99 and you can order it from the taxact website for the same price, but I told them to fix the problem so that the correct version is downloaded which enables you to get the state download

  • Happy house - Great price

    My daughter is interested in joining the service after high school. The recruiter she has talked to offered to sell her the same book for $40. My daughter doesn’t test well and is nervous she won't do well. When I showed her the book. She was so excited because I am supportive of her choice. And she wants to do well the practice questions helped ease her anxiety. The military website has some practice questions but she couldn't register because she was too young. And I didn’t want to register for her. The questions in this book are very extensive. It gives her a variety of examples of questions she might see on the test. I received a discount for this product in exchange for a honest review.