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Omega-3 & Krill Oil Supplements | MegaRed - Discover a healthier lifestyle with MegaRed Omega-3 & krill oil. Learn how our pure Omega-3 krill oil nurtures and supports your body for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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  • HB Jennie - Gorgeous

    This is so beautiful; I want a tree full of them. They are great keepsake gifts and everyday ornaments. Even better - IT IS NOT TO HEAVY TO HANG ON YOUR TREE!!! This is such a bonus considering the weight of some of the luxury ornaments out there. This can even be hung near the top of the tree. It is not fragile, but is not overly heavy either. No stand needed!! I love it

  • Lien Thi Thi Thai - It doesn't help with the questions

    Never recommend anyone buying this one. It doesn't help with the questions. Not much comprehensive and critical practice. I hate to tell that

  • tiffany - It works amazing!!

    I loved this stuff! After two years off depo I still couldn't get pregnant, after a month of using this I finally got pregnant with my second baby boy! Thank you Premama!

  • Nicole H - Other than that there is a good amount of space to write in and each week ...

    I wish the cover was more subtle. Obviously I saw the cover in the picture but I feel as the cover belongs more on the packaging. Other than that there is a good amount of space to write in and each week has a different picture.

  • Midwest Mommy - Manuka Manuka Manuka!

    This honey is like a cure-all! Worth every penny. It's tasty, but we don't use it on toast or for baking because of the price. We mainly use it for illness/injury as an anti-biotic. Works great to heal cuts and cure sinusitis, etc, or simply boost the immune system.

  • Amazon Customer - Very Good Hairspray For Hard To Hold Hair and Also For Humidity

    This is my go to spray. If you have hard to hold hair, I would recommend this spray. I don't like having to use hairspray, but I have hard to hold thin hair that frizzes very easily and I live in Florida, so what choice do I have??? This spray does a very good job of holding your hair and it lasts until you brush it out. It's not bad as far as building up on the hair. I think this is the best extra hold spray that I've found. If this is the type of product/hold that you need, then I'd definitely recommend this.