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  • Yvonne Eason - Great 2nd book in the series.

    “Yes, a hummingbird’s heart beats over twelve hundred times in one minute. Its tiny body has to work so hard just to survive, but it not only lives, it flourishes. Like you. After all you’ve been through, you keep fighting, keep trying to make things better for yourself and others. My hummingbird.”

  • Ana B. - I couldnt put it down

    I thought the book was fantastic and when I had to stop reading to get something done, I found myself thinking of what might happen next. The author writes in a way that makes you feel for the characters, be it sadness, pity, anger or disgust.

  • Morgan Reed - Great vehicle

    I hade a simple jeep many years ago and returned to the brand this year. It still has the utilitarian go anywhere characteristic but it is so much more luxurious and spacious with 4 doors on the Unlimited. A Jeep is still a Jeep, I love it!

  • CS in Alabama - Far better than Dodge's green milk jug cap

    I was pretty surprised that Dodge put a green milk jug cap in my fuel inlet to work as a cap. At first I thought maybe there was a screw up by the prep guys but no...that was the cap. I had visions of soapy water at the car wash filling the pipe, maybe some bugs, who knows. I bought my cap with the tether. It came with two o-rings in case the installed one was too tight, but it fit fine. The part is heavy metal with a green diesel paint / anodizing scheme. Nice cap, good quality.

  • Ron Kramer - Frustrating install - but well worth the effort.

    Worked past the annoyances of install and updating - steam and play. Frustrating (since no real install instructions of my Mac) but was well worth the time and frustration. The software is awesome.

  • Monnikka - dont buy this in malls! they'll rip u off ...

    dont buy this in malls! they'll rip u off! so much cheaper on amazon! and it works really well for me

  • Ziggy - A Wonderful Magazine!

    Cooking Light has become our go-to reference for healthy meals. On top of that, the digital version is the best ever.