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  • Serval - Louder - not clearer.

    This little device faithfully - and vigorously - delivers what it promises: it amplifies the sounds - including ( prominently ) background noise.

  • coconutbunny - I Would Not Recommend It to Friends

    I was expecting better writings. Especially, after Elizabeth Gilbert saying how an interesting story can be told in a boring way and a not so exciting story can be told magically. I really had to agree with her so I was looking forward to this collection. But it was a disappointment. Literature is so subjective. It might bring more joy to others but it is not a book I would recommend.

  • Sarah P - Awful! Left my hair coated in a sticky, oily, greasy flat mess. Will never ever use again!

    This product is absolutely awful. I am a 19 year old female dealing with extensive hair loss. I had tried shampoos & conditioners, creams, supplements, vitamins, and medications all designed for hair loss and none of them worked. So I looked to using OTC hair growth methods. I bought this hoping that it would help even a little, but it ended up being the most harmful of all the products I have tried so far. I used it for the first time tonight with the intent of putting it on my scalp, letting it sit for 30 minutes and then rinsing it out. I got out of the shower and my roots and scalp were incredibly greasy and sticky. I was in no condition to go anywhere with my hair the way it was. It was flat and oily, which made my hair look even thinner; my hair loss stood out more since my hair lost whatever volume at the top that it had. So I went back and washed just my hair a second time, still it was greasy and sticky. At this point I knew that it wasn't going to come out easily. I ended up gathering as many different shampoos as I could find (I never seem to fully empty my bottles before I buy new shampoos). I ended up with about 4 or 5 different shampoos, and just went ahead and took another shower, and I used all 4 or 5 of the shampoos one at a time. I got out and my hair was STILL COATED IN THE PRODUCT! By this time I was getting incredibly frustrated so I googled "how to get grease out of your hair." Well after some extensive research I stumbled upon a fix for getting vaseline/petroleum jelly out of your hair (you'd be surprised how often that apparently happens haha). I figured it would be the same approach for getting something so sticky and oily out of your hair. People suggested things like baby powder, baby oil, vinegar, and dish soap. Dish soap was the only one of those that I had lying around the house, so I went and took a THIRD shower to wash my hair for the 8th time!! This time I used a quarter-sized dollop of dish soap on my scalp and massaged it in, let it sit for about 5 minutes then rinsed and conditioned my hair. Most of the product had come out by then, but my scalp has been left dry, itchy and tender from the dish soap chemicals. After my second shower I got frustrated and threw the whole product away after just one use. I would not recommend this product to any women, or any men who don't want their hair a mess! If you're a person who gels your hair or slicks it back, than this product is perfect for you! Because that's exactly what it is going to do to your hair. Otherwise I would steer clear of it!

  • Tom Savage - i think this is a very poor product

    it did nothing for me used the whole 8.5 Oz for this over priced item did nothing no results at all

  • Nancy E. Parker - Full of good information

    The book is great, the download to Kindle does not work for lists. Some aspects of the book in the Kindle addition are unusable because they are all over the page.

  • John Summonte - not worth the work

    This product did not seem to improve the quality or shine of my wood floors. A good cleaner but not worth the time vs. the results.