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Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority – Serving as a catalyst for change and improvement in Alaska's mental health continuum of care – Serving as a catalyst for change and improvement in Alaska's mental health continuum of care - Serving as a catalyst for change and improvement in Alaska's mental health continuum of care

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  • B Keller - Didn't work

    I've needed a head gasket done for a few years now and have gotten by pretty well with less costly band-aids. So I decided to give this product a chance to cure my problem. Well it cured the problem all right. About a week after a flush and putting this stuff in, I was blowing white smoke and running on at least one less cylinders. So I broke down and replaced the truck, I'll miss my little GMC Sonoma. This did not work, you can see where I might view this stuff as deadly to my truck, it made the problem much worse.

  • August - My wife and I have a love affair with this product!

    I can take it ANY where and because it can fast charge my phone I never have to worry about running low on battery again.

  • Rhonda S. - I really like it, exactly as shown

    I really like it, exactly as shown. Only downside I feel is it does not have a monthly at-a-glance calendar in front of each month as a lot of planners have, but I knew that when I ordered it, and still like it.

  • WEDemingFan - Good to have, but low quality & not well thought out & fleshed out

    Good idea and I've been able to watch lots of new movies and a lot of them in HD. I've also been able to watch missed favorite shows in HD. But it's not easy to operate. Almost half of the time, it could take awhile to search for movies/TV shows. Most of the vids don't have close captioning in english for hearing-impaired people like me. The controls on the remote are often frustrating to operate. Really looks like they rushed this into production.

  • FLRoadman - 2000 F150 Success

    Used this for a radio install on a 2000 F150. The kits worked great and the install was a piece of cake. Amazon says this kit was discontinued so I am not sure what the "new" version brings to the table...but this works just fine in my application.

  • Cynthia - THANK GOODNESS!!

    I was living in a hair nightmare. I was having severe medical problems with reduced thyroid production and, among other icky side-effects (like gaining weight) *my hair was falling out.* In the shower, when i combed it--constantly falling out. My pony-tail was dying slowly and my self-esteem was also going down the drain. I needed big-time help, and I had heard the name "Nioxin" but that's all I knew. So I scheduled a consultation at a high end salon, showed them what was going on, and they sent me straight to the beauty supply shop for Nioxin. They explained that Nioxin exfoliates your scalp and allows new hair to grow in, and they said I should definitely try it. I was still a little nervous, but the people at the supply shop were SO SURE that this could help me--from their own personal experience to what they had learned at workshops, etc. They said that the minty shampoo would be great, that the conditioner wasn't as important for hair growth, and that the tonic you put right on your scalp was AMAZING. All true. They said to give it up to 7-8 weeks and not give up.