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  • Kim Gordon - God, and This Book Saved My Life

    About 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a stage 3 intermediate grade follicular B-Cell Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (wow! what a mouthful). After successfully undergoing a 3 month chemo regimen, the cancer was pronounced "in remission." However, about 2 years later, I started noticing a bump on my neck and eventually opted to have it removed and biopsied to put my worries to rest. Well, it came back positive. This time, it was determined to be a "low grade" lymphoma. That same week, at our annual church Family Camp I went forward for prayer for healing and to be anointed with oil. Little did I know then that my prayer would be answered the next day as we were leaving the camp. We had the radio tuned to Focus on the Family and Anne Frahm was being interviewed. She was telling her amazing story of how she had basically been given up for dead and miraculously regained her health. We immediately went out and bought her book (no Amazon.com back then). Within six months the CT scans showed that the cancer had stopped progressing. Within 1 year there were no signs of cancer. Since then my wife and I have read many books about the perils of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the benefits of eating more raw foods and juicing. There is so much information and so many books out there that it can seem overwhelming. This book is a good place to start. But the best place to start is to pray and ask God for wisdom. Also, check out "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell and "God's Way to Ultimate Health" by George Malkmus (website: Hacres.com)

  • 49erfaithful - enjoying it

    Love it no complaints! It keeps me busy when there's nothing else to do. Only wish there was a faster way of getting points that way I can purchase better ammo

  • B. Hood - Bought as gift

    Bought as gift for a friend's kid who loves GWR. The hard cover is the one to get with the great color pictures as usual. The soft back sucks, tiny print, crappy black and white pics. Might as well google the info

  • Deborah J. Weil - Not for Mac Users

    Unfortunately, we have a Mac computer and this is primarily information for PC. Some of it was useful but Quicken 2015 info is lacking for Mac users terribly. Hoping Intuit gets it back to the quality standard it initially had when they first introduced the program as we've been using since 1996. Alas, we are having to make concessions and manually make missing entries not showing when transferring from our older computer to our new Mac then running into reconciliation issues because of it. Frustrating.

  • iris watkins ball - Every writer needs to read this book

    I am an avid fan of Stephen King's and according to him this book was the best that I could read about style and writing and I do have to agree .

  • Swarthy One - Excellent accessory for the price!!!

    I went to a locally "box" store to purchase replacement wireless Bluetooth headset, and came out empty handed as they were too expensive for me in my opinion. Met a friend for a meal, and he told me about SENSO ActivBuds, he sent me a direct link on Amazon, I reviewed them, liked what I read and price, and purchased them on the spot. Oh what a wonderful joy when I received them!!!. I put them on charger, but they we're almost fully charged and ready to connect to my device. First test is music - EXCELLENT is all I can say. These were just as good as my plug in in earbuds. Second test phone call - again EXCELLENT I had to turn volume down as clarity was very good.