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  • Navi - Highly Recommended

    This product truly helped the color of my hair. I attempted to dye my hair at home and the results were less then desirable. The bottom of my hair turned a brassy orange color and the top of my hair turned bright yellow. Supper sexy, I know. I have washed my hair approximately five times with this product and the yellow is turning a white blonde color and the brassy orange bottom of my hair is turning a darker, more natural blonde. True my hair is still two different colors, but the shampoo cannot be held responsible for that.

  • LeeS - His love affair with violent Islam shows that he cares little ...

    This book tries to give a balanced view to the current Islamic issue and debunk some of the myths trotted out to support Islamic violence. It's always correct violence when they do it but incorrect if anyone else does it. Basically, the current Islamic movement is nothing more than a religious arm of a political movement making it little different than the bogey men it seeks to destroy. No, wait; Obama doesn't want to destroy America, does he? His love affair with violent Islam shows that he cares little for truth, balance or even fairness. He is pushing a social agenda that has roots as far back as the French Revolution and has failed every time is was attempted, violently. He has perfected the art of pushing this agenda nonviolently and is succeeding to such an extent that the America we knew when he took office will no longer exist when he leaves office. He has accomplished his goals because of the faithful true believers who know little of American or world history.