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  • Dennis G. Peck - Free game not really

    This game is very fun to play but hold on to your Wallet. Early in the games the levels are challenging but doable, as you proceed to new locales unless you buy items you can't get enough points to beat certain levels. Free Games are hardly FREE.

  • charlee - LOVE

    I love this case! It is SO easy to put on. It covers the entire phone, and it is almost like I don't have a case on! The screen still works, even with a glass screen protector over my screen as well! It is awesome! It survived a drop too, which makes it even more awesome!

  • tburgh - Interesting info.

    The book has some very interesting info and thoughts. There are suggestions and treatments that could be made much clearer and may not be for everyone. I personally don't agree with everything the author has to say regarding ethnomedicine, but that may be my lack of knowledge. His interpretations regarding other races are a bit baffling as well. Understand however that I question everything---from the "highest qualified authority" of the USDA, FDA, etc, to someone's anecdotal suggestions.I'm reviewing some of the sources and bibliographic material listed in the book. Every now and then typos or sentence syntax problems get in the way. I point this out because minor problems like this could involve the author sharing pertinent information. If you can handle gaining some useful info (again, I strongly suggest to check it out for yourself), and can, as the saying goes, "get the meat and leave the bones," this could serve as a reference source for one's herbal, medicinal library.

  • valmet49 - Don't Buy 2014LT

    Was using 2006 and had no issues. Upgraded to 21014LT and after one month the program wouldn't start. Getting "I don't have sufficient admin rights" error message ?!? Really? Autocad help is a joke and useless. Google the problem and it seems to be popping up all over the place with no answers on how to fix the problem. Spent hours uninstalling and reinstalling didn't fix it. Seems the only way some people fixed it is by wiping out the entire Windows 7 OS and reloading. Something I'm not willing to do... trash every other program that works fine just to get Autocad working (maybe). Went back to using 2006 on my xp pro machine. So now I have a $900 program that is totally useless. Thanks Autocad for nothing except wasting my money.