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  • B. Knisely - pretty good

    "swish a little through, and it looks like new"... yeah, i'm gonna go with no on that one! that's the quote that they use in the commercial to demonstrate how easy it is to clean out a coffee pot (although "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"). i actually had to scrub at mine for quite a while to get results... but i still got really good results, and that's what counts! i also used this on some rusty tools, and they look great now (i don't know if like knew, cause i haven't seem them like this for a while). ya gotta scrub to get the right results with this stuff. oh, and it didn't seem to help with my shower head, so i dinged it a star!

  • carina giacomelli - Great product, does the job

    I bought this product because I have dry, thin, brittle hair. I was concerned with some of the reviews saying the product was a fake version, but I decided to buy anyways.

  • paul sullivan - I couldn't download Norton 360 on my PC. I ...

    I couldn't download Norton 360 on my PC. I realize I. am not savvy. It took Bubble two days to download it to my PC. No I will never purchase one again from Amazon again

  • anamac - Freekin AMAZING!!!

    This was the very first book of Jaymin Eve's that I ever read and I have to say that she is now one of my top 5 most loved authors! I love the strength of the main female character, the underlying sexual tension in the main character relationships, the humour and the beautiful way that Jaymin Eve weaves these alternate worlds, but makes them believable. It always leaves me wanting more and with a craving to know more about each of the characters. Jesse and the Quads, be still my heart <3