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Natural Thyroid Solutions - Dietary Desiccated Thyroid Supplements, Thyro-gold - Natural Thyroid Solutions offers Thyro-Gold formulated by Dr. John C. Lowe and Tammy Carter-Lowe, an OTC product, requires no prescription. Image of Dr. John C. Lowe

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  • S. Patrick - don't see any results

    I'm 56 and have fine lines and wrinkles.. I used this at least daily for one month and saw no difference.

  • Leslie17 - my mother colletcts the swarovski ornaments and is so happy to have been able to have this special 2016 ...

    my mother colletcts the swarovski ornaments and is so happy to have been able to have this special 2016 annual ornament.

  • Eliasibe - Very good as always...

    I bought it to do some complementary work in addition to my regular duties. That's the usual power of fast programming.

  • frank camp - Safe, Solid Stocks. Leaders in Their Field with Above Average Growth Potential. Exhaustively Detailed Research.

    I've purchased this book EVERY YEAR SINCE 1993. It is without a doubt the BEST SOURCE of research for the ordinary investor. I find it an indispensable tool in looking for safe, solid stocks. John Slatter has retired after many years as chief author but Peter Sander follows his formula like a faithful disciple. Providing exhaustive research of each company's profile and eight years of performance, the book focuses almost exclusively on the tried and true, nuts and bolts, basic staples type of stocks. It's for "INVESTORS" not for "SPECULATORS". You won't find the next CISCO here. It's simple. Does this company make something people really need every day? Are they the most innovative in staying ahead in their field? Do they manage themselves with discipline and consistency? Most importantly, do they pay a dividend and if so does it increase almost every year? These are the traits of Safe, Solid stocks with above average Growth Potential for the Long Term. That's the criteria for being included in this book.

  • MATT - Recommended to me by a pro...

    Lucas products were recommended to me by my friend's neighbor. He once worked as a mechanic at a dealership, then decided he wanted to be his own boss and now does restorations on classic cars for some famous and some not-so-famous people.