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Natures Sway / Baby Hammocks, Baby Carriers and Baby Sleep Products NZ - Natures Sway specialises in premium quality baby hammocks and ergonomic baby carriers, made in New Zealand from 100% natural fibres.

Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174.765 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Michael - Great Book for the trivia buff!

    Dan always writes interesting stories. His daily e-mails are fantastic and now we can have the book on our coffee table to show friends and family. Awesome collaboration of stories. I would recommend this book to everyone!

  • Trisha H - Black licorice smell

    My son had terrible tummy troubles when he was under a year old. So in desperation I ordered some of this because I didn't want to keep giving him Mylicon. This stuff smells just like black licorice and is super thick. There is no "hiding the taste" by mixing it in the formula. It's too powerful. I found it was best to mix with water and get baby to drink as much of it as I could. It does help a bit. And now my son loves black licorice. Ha! So in all, it's okay.

  • Elizabeth Stewart - It does seem to help back pain.

    I tried these patches for back pain. They do seem to help. The pain isn't gone, but it's more manageable. I think it's the local delivery of the medicine (basically aspirin) that does the job; the menthol and camphor just deliver a cooling then warming sensation to the surface of the skin that doesn't last very long. I think that the thinner the skin, the more intense the sensation will be. I prefer the pads that deliver actual heat, but I'll at least use up this box. I might buy more. You get a lot for your money. The patches do stay on all day long. I didn't find them unpleasant; I even forgot I had them on. I used two at a time for for my back. I also used one on my thumb for a tendon strain, and it helped that too.

  • Amazon Customer - Like but Intuit Cust Service not so much

    I like QB and I've used if for awhile. To be honest it's really the only game in town for small businesses. Over the last few years Intuit has made great strides in making the Mac version comparable to the PC version. It's not 100% comparable but it's close enough for my purposes to not make a meaningful difference. If you can stomach dealing with the hassles and quirks of PC computers the QB for PC is probably better. If you are a Mac girl (such as I am) you can't go wrong with the later versions of QB on Mac.

  • C. Monclova - Hours of fun!

    My kids have a blast with these videos. We end up with half the neighborhood in our house all dancing in sync ... they will even jump in and do the dance if they don't have a remote.

  • monkey girl - Be aware before you purchase...

    I'm in my 20s and have combination/semi-sensitive skin. I'm used to using makeup by Kose and Laura Mercier which has always worked well for me. I was very excited about Bare Escentuals Minerals foundation since it's "100% natural" and seemed like it would cut down on make-up application time.