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  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/nclex-practice-questions-1-10/ NCLEX Practice Questions | NCLEX Sample Questions - NCLEX practice questions are the best way of prepping for the exam. Use our free NCLEX sample questions to get ready for the big day.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/nclex-skeletal-muscle-review/ NCLEX Skeletal Muscle Review - In order for the human being to carry out the many intricate movements that must be performed, approximately 650 skeletal muscles of various lengths, shapes, and strength play a part. Each muscle consists of many muscle cells or fibers held together and surrounded by connective tissue that gives functional integrity to the system. Three definite units are commonly referred to
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/nclex-cell-structure-review/ NCLEX Cell Structure Review - This cellular organelle was first described using phase microscopy by Porter, Claude and Fallam in 1945. It is an extensive network of interconnecting channels. The endoplasmic reticular membranes are unit membranes (triminar). When ribosomes line the outer surface it is designated as rough endoplasmic reticulum ( RER). The primary form of this organelle is the rough variety. The smooth is derived from the rough due to loss of ribosomes. The amount of each depends on the cell type and the cellular activity.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/nclex-cardiac-review/ NCLEX Cardiac Review - The heart is a highly specialized blood vessel which pumps 72 times per minute and propels about 4,000 gallons (about 15,000 liters) of blood daily to the tissues. It is composed of
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/nclex-study-guide-recommendation/ NCLEX Study Guide Recommendation - The amount of effort required to pass the NCLEX varies between students. There is no magic formula that students can get plugged into to pass the NCLEX test.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/cardiac-care-nurse/ Cardiac Care Nurse - In 2009, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, claiming over 60,000 lives annually. As such, the prevention and reversal of heart disease is of primary importance in modern medicine.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/case-manager-nurse/ Case Manager Nurse - If you consider yourself a people person and enjoy working one-on-one with patients and their families, you may want to consider an RN job as a case manager nurse. Case manager nurses do just what the name implies—they help patients and their families make the best choices and get the best outcome for their specific medical cases.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/critical-care-nurse/ Critical Care Nurse - If you’ve ever watched coverage of an accident, fire, or other medical emergency on the news, you’ve probably heard the expression "critical condition." Critical condition means that someone is extremely ill or injured and that person’s life is hanging in the balance. Critical care nurses are trained to handle these acutely ill patients.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/dermatology-nurse/ Dermatology Nurse - A dermatology nurse provides care for patients with different types of skin conditions, ailments, or diseases. Some of these conditions include eczema, rosacea, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin infections, or more serious issues such as skin cancer. Dermatology nurses also assist with cosmetic dermatological procedures.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/emergency-nurse/ Emergency Nurse - The emergency department of any hospital can be a chaotic and constantly changing environment. Emergency nurses face a wide variety of challenges on a daily basis, caring for patients from the very young to the very old and dealing with countless medical conditions, both mild and acute. This type of work isn’t for those who crave routine; no two days in the emergency room are ever alike.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/hematology-nurse/ Hematology Nurse - Hematology is the branch of medicine that deals with blood illnesses and diseases. Hematology nurses care for patients with diseases like sickle cell anemia, lymphoma, hemophilia, and leukemia. Even though hematology is not a common nursing specialty, it is still very important. Blood diseases are often serious and life-threatening. Hematology nurses not only treat patients, but they also spend time educating patients and their families about how to cope with disease and live within its confinements.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/hospice-nurse/ Hospice Nurse - A hospice nurse works with people who are terminally ill. Hospice nurses usually work within the patient’s own home, because the hospice doctrine states that patients have the right to spend their last days in their homes with their families. The job of a hospice nurse is, needless to say, intense and difficult at times, but it can be extremely meaningful. It takes a special kind of person to be a hospice nurse.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/intravenous-therapy-nurse/ Intravenous Therapy Nurse - An intravenous therapy nurse, also known as an infusion nurse, administers IV therapy or liquid substances into the bloodstreams of patients. These substances may include medications, fluids, or supplemental nutrients. Intravenous therapy is medically known as specialty pharmaceuticals.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/labor-and-delivery-nurse/ Labor and Delivery Nurse - One of the most popular RN jobs is that of labor and delivery nursing. A labor and delivery nurse is similar to an OB/GYN nurse, but works specifically with pregnant or delivering mothers and newborn infants in a variety of situations. Of course, labor and delivery nurses help their patients just before, during, and after labor and childbirth. They also deal with complications in pregnancy and assist in postpartum care. They not only provide medical help, but they also offer instruction, advice, and reassurance to new moms. Many labor and delivery nurses would not dream of doing any other job.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/medical-surgical-nurse/ Medical Surgical Nurse - When most people think of registered nurses, they are most likely picturing the work of a medical surgical nurse. Before any of the other RN jobs were developed, all registered nurses were medical or surgical nurses. They worked in hospital wards helping patients through illnesses and assisting physicians with surgery and other tasks.
  • https://www.nclexinfo.com/neonatal-intensive-care-unit-nurse/ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse - If you enjoy being around small infants, you may want to become a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse. NICU nurses provide care for newborn infants who are pre-term (neonates) and for newborns who undergo complications when they are born or have serious issues after birth.

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  • Peanut Teeter - I'd rather be in minor pain and treat it some other way naturally than be overweight and eating like I am going to the electric

    I noticed a difference with lessening of pain. It definitely helped my achey spots that are damaged from years of running/walking on treadmills and sports (knees and Achilles tendon pain.) BUT.... these pills gave me a ravenous appetite! Can't find anything online about appetite and weight gain, but I gained about 7 lbs while taking Serrapeptase for 2 weeks. My friend's mother has gained 35 lbs. I'd rather be in minor pain and treat it some other way naturally than be overweight and eating like I am going to the electric chair. Sorry!

  • Den G - Efficient, Priced Right and Unobtrusive

    Just ordered the 2016 version yesterday. I have been running the previous versions on my home desktop for 5 years and am extremely satisfied with the software. Prior to using Webroot I tried a slew of other anti virus software and Webroot has definitely been the best. While others leave a big footprint and constantly popping up on the screen to ask questions or show reminders, Webroot leaves a small footprint and just gets the job done without the annoyances that other programs have. You hardly know it's running unless it detects a problem and, if it does, the problem is solved smoothly and quickly.