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Northwest Center for Optimal Health - The Northwest Center for Optimal Health, is a holistic medical center in Edmonds Washington, staffed by physicians and other health care providers, specializing in natural medicine and education.

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  • LSNY82 - Makes my skin feel nice & soft

    I had originally bought this at one of the kiosks in the mall and it was insanely expensive. So glad I found it here though I was really annoyed I threw away all that money the first time. When I rub this on my face it seems to be rubbing off dead skin cells. It looks like its getting out all the dirt because sometimes it will be a darkish color. After using this my skin feels soooo smooth and it also makes the blackheads on my nose less visible. The only problem I have with this product is that it clumps up and gets stuck to my face usually around my cheeks and its tough to get off. You really need to scrub that part off. I actually end up using one of those eyebrow razors to scrape it off.

  • Monique - Awesome product

    Ive been using the slendertone ab toner for about 4 weeks now. I have a athletic past however recently gained a few pounds and extra fat in my mid section. Keep in mind I have a 3 yr old in which was birthed by c-section so needless to say my tummy skin is still slightly flabby. The slendertone ive been looking into for about 2 yrs now of course reading reviews and as seen on tv items in general i was alittle skeptic. Finally purchased it and I use the product 2 times a day and when I tell you shocked. I've tried body wraps, suana pods, and excerise. However not wanting to lose weight yet just sculpt and tone my mid section this has worked for me. After just 2 days I could see the firmness in not only my skin but abs as well. Week 4 and I still haven't had to replace my gel pads and just recently had to replace the batteries that came included. The only thing I regret is my reservation of the slendertone and not purchasing it sooner. Don't get me wrong i don't have rock hard abs yet but the tranformation in just the little time I have been using it is enough for me. Definitely a good buy and I would recommend it to anyone who like me is busy and not really into doing the daily exercise routines.

  • Countrync1986 - Really wanted to be impressed..... but simply was not

    I was one of the original backers of this so I was one of the first to receive it; however so far it has not impressed me.

  • Keith - What you need to know

    This will work to strengthen your abs and part of that strengthening is bulking them up a bit. So if you have fat on top of your abs, using this will make you look like you have a bigger belly. If you already have something of a four-pack or better, you are at a low enough fat percentage that you might get the best results. Don't expect wearing this to burn calories for you, it's very marginal. Take up running, cycling, walk briskly for hours, or go to the gym, and reduce overall calories consumed if you really want a 6-pack. If you plan on running in a race, there's two main things that tire out, your abs and your legs. When abs go first, it means they are weak, this belt then can help you run longer.

  • Will - Not bad, not good

    I normally enjoy John Cusack movies and he's one of my favorite actors, but this movie was a disappointment. It was a good story but like most of the Hollywood movies these days, it seemed to rely too much upon the special effects. It was just too much special effects and not enough acting or plot.

  • Ctown - Save your $ and go to a doctor vs. ...

    Save your $ and go to a doctor vs. wasting your time with this snake oil. Used for 5 months for a minor toenail fungus and didn't do a thing. Same as no treatment at all is my guess. A sucker born every minute.

  • Amazon Customer - warning

    Purchased a Dinair Pro Kit 12/06/12. Compressor failed approximately 5 months later. Customer service was fairly good and replaced with a new updated compressor. Warning, the airbrush itself does NOT have a warranty only the compressor. Compressor still works great but my airbrush stopped working and will cost $25.00 to return the airbrush for deep cleaning and repair with replacement if needed. They did offer to walk thru a cleaning by phone but that is not the problem. What appears as the problem is a seal breakdown at the tip just inside the tip cap that is causing the air brush to back bubble only. I have kept mine in wet dock between uses as instructed by Dinair videos. I can see charging $25 for cleaning but a refund of the $25 dollars would be nice if it is truley an airbrush failure.