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NEC Holding | Entrenamientos y Asesorías en Marketing Farmacéutico. - Empresa dedicada al mercadeo farmacéutico latino-américa. Promovemos ofertas de empleo, eventos médicos, ofrecemos capacitación, entrenamiento y asesoría en marketing farmacéutico, mediante diplomados, seminarios, talleres, cursos y más.

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  • http://www.necholding.com/directorio-empresas/laboratorios-cl%C3%ADnicos Laboratorios Clínicos | NEC Holding - Directorio de laboratorio clínico, lugar donde los técnicos y profesionales en análisis clínicos, analizan muestras biológicas humanas que contribuyen al estudio, prevención, diagnóstico y tratamiento de las enfermedades.
  • http://www.necholding.com/directorio-empresas/laboratorios-farmac%C3%A9uticos Laboratorios Farmacéuticos | NEC Holding - Directorio de Laboratorios Farmacéuticos, dedicados a la fabricación, preparación y comercialización de productos químicos medicinales para el tratamiento y también la prevención de las enfermedades.
  • http://www.necholding.com/directorio-empresas/farmacias Farmacias | NEC Holding - Farmacias, lugar donde se preparan, dispensan y venden los productos medicinales. Esta definición es la más universal y clásica que se solapa con el concepto de Farmacia Galénica

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  • Lindsey - Works great!

    This is a great replacement filter! Super easy to install! Just pop it in and let the water run for a few minutes and it's done. Water tastes great and clean. No mineral or dirty aftertaste. No particles floating around to gross you out. Also no need to spend a fortune on name brand when this works just as well for a fraction of the price. I did receive this at a discounted price for an honest review.

  • darwin mieles - It needs work and really not useful in its current form

    The program has issues, error messages out of the blue and not sure as to why. It needs work and really not useful in its current form .

  • T. Ellis - Great, versatile bag

    I used this bag as a day bag for a recent trip to Europe. It seemed too big at first but turned out to be perfect sized. Well laid out and comfortable to wear. Nice pockets for water bottles on each side. The only complaint I have is that the carry handle is integrated with the shoulder straps in an awkward way. A separate handle would be much more comfortable and natural.

  • Noemi - Leaves hair soft and silky

    I saw this butter being used for twists-outs on youtube and the hair looked so soft and moisturized. I love how rich it is and that my hair feels silky and nice. Make sure not to use a lot as it can leave your hair feeling greasy if overdone.

  • John Ohalloran - product does not contain original amounts of ingredients,the original tropical taste has been diluted

    i have also started to put on a few pounds even though my habits have not changed I will not be purchasing through this company again

  • Roger - Wait A While; It's Buggy

    I've been using Quicken since the early 1990s and so when Intuit sent me an e-mail that my Quicken 2011 Premier would cease to download quotes in April, I went ahead and updated to Quicken 2014. I should have waited until April! This version contains too many bugs that I know Quicken will fix. Until they do, watch out! For example, I follow my investments daily and because Quicken is slow to update prices, I sometimes fill in the closing price on mutual funds and then later in the evening, run the Quicken Update to let it fill in the High and Low prices. This version doesn't do that. If you manually fill in the price, when you run Quicken Update, it will leave the High and Low prices set to zero. If you delete the price completely and rerun Quicken Update, all fields are filled in correctly. I just noticed that problem today and I upgraded on January 6 so I found six days between now and then where I had manually filled in a closing price but the high and low price remained at zero. Another problem is when you move the cursor to the Quote/Price field of a security. Sometimes the field is hi-lighted so you can change it by typing in a new price. Other times that doesn't work. I haven't quite figured out what is going on there. I love Quicken and I know that Intuit will fix these problems. But, this program is so vital to me that it needs to work correctly all the time. I suggest you wait as long as possible before ordering this version in the hope that Intuit has fixed the bugs!

  • Ollie - Time saver, life changer

    Do you have ANY idea how much time this product saves me in a day? Literally close to 9 seconds. 9 SECONDS! Thats 9 extra seconds I can spend doing other super important things, like slicing strawberries, or staring at myself in the mirror. In one week, this banana slicer saves me almost 126 SECONDS (assuming I eat two bananas a day, which I do, gotta have that potassium) For those of you who have access to a calculator like I do, thats over 2 MINUTES OF EXTRA TIME EVERY WEEK. In two minutes, I could recite the alphabet forwards AND backwards, if I had it written down somewhere. 2 extra minutes of sitting in traffic on my way to work! 2 extra minutes staring at my sexy neighbor through the window because he doesn't realize I can see him! 2 extra minutes in bed with my boyfriend! (not that he needs that long) (awkward)...