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New England Hematology/Oncology Associates treatment of breast, prostate, lung, colorectal and gynecological malignancies - The Hematology Oncology Specialists Boston-area cancer treatment center provides procedures for cancers such as breast, prostate, lung, colorectal and gynecological malignancies. In addition, benign and malignant blood disorders such as anemia, coagulation disorders, lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia.

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  • Craig Boyce - terrible update

    There is nothing worthwhile in Quicken 2013. Nearly every "feature" has a bug and I've spent months now trying to get this forced "upgrade" to work correctly so I can continue to directly download banking transactions, and even that has failed me miserably. Investment transaction accuracy - forget it - Quicken creates "placeholders" for stocks I don't even own any longer, wanting to create a BUY and SELL for the same number of shares. Mortgage loan accounts for rental properties - nope - interest for all mortgages is lumped together, so you cannot accurately track interest deductions for rental property (Schedule E) separately from personal mortgages (so that means importing to tax software isn't going to create the proper schedules). Split transfers - haha, don't even attempt it - you'll get double postings on both sides. Budgeting is now worthless - gone is the time-proven category/monthly detail two-pane view so you can customize non-monthly allowances and so is the auto-budget from scheduled transactions. Support? HAHAHAHAHA. What a joke - scripted answers and no technical expertise whatsoever, and only marginal understanding of how the software even works (I had to explain how to navigate into the mortgage loan detail!) I'd like to know how Intuit is spending all the revenue from the forced every three year updates - it certainly isn't going into any software QC!

  • Gavin MacKinnon - Don't waste your time failed to find virus that ruined my PC

    Bitdefender is a joke product pretending to be antivirus software. Save yourself the money and find a better product. After I installed it and updated the virus definitions I got a terrible virus that wiped my HDD. I contacted Bitdefender and I got a automated e-mail that said in so many words said, "Wow, that sucks....so good luck with that" After the lack of customer service I wanted a full refund promised by their "Money back guarantee." I didn't receive a refund or even much of a response. You're literally better off buying a copy of Photoshop to protect your computer against infection. If this review helps at least one person then maybe the money I wasted on this brazenly dysfunctional software wouldn't have been a complete waste.

  • Amazon Customer - Fabulous Results!

    I have very sensitive skin and this product is wonderful. Previously I resorted to waxing to remove the fine hair on my face and it was so harsh. Read the directions - AGAIN, READ THE DIRECTIONS - and you should have good results. This product is for fine to medium hair. If that is not you, then get another product and don't complain. If you do not read the instructions and leave the cream on too long, do not complain. It is so much better than expected. Cannot praise enough!

  • Aznjudis - Not bad at all!

    Very good laptop. Switched out the HDD with an ssd immediately. That upgrade makes this laptop boot in ~6sec. SSD also increases battery life by a bit so it wouldn't hurt at all to switch out. Light gaming is perfectly possible.

  • Lauren Carl - Works fine but coffee drips slower than original

    This works fine but the only problem I have with it is that the exit puncture hole is smaller than the original and the coffee drips through alot slower. That's the reason I only gave it 4 stars. Other than than it appears that this is a good replacement for the original.