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  • Eric Woodard - The best way to ride.

    I did a lot of research on this bike before purchasing and I couldn't find many reviews, so hopefully this will help those out there in the same scenario.

  • Brittany - Worked for me

    I started Taking these pills after my fitness coach recommended them. So far I have lost 7 pounds and the crazy thing is I haven't really been exercising or anything I just cut down my food intake. I have never lost any weight using previous pills from my past but these pills have worked for me. I think everybody's body reacts differently. I will continue to use these pills and if I lose my desired weight goal then I will post an update later.

  • Jeffery Welch - One of The Best

    As, always a great almanac for a fan like me. Everything is at hand, reviews rats and predictions for all nfl teams.

  • Edward M. - ... is the original formula of BTT and is the best in my opinion

    This is the original formula of BTT and is the best in my opinion, it tastes better than the new formula and it mixes up better in any temp. water. The new formula has a terrible tart taste and leaves a bad after taste and is not a better value other than the makers being able to prove that all ingredients are organic, which they cannot attest to entirely for the old formula. This is a small detail that I am more than willing to overlook due to the mixing and taste issues. This stuff keeps me full of energy, keeps me from getting sick, and best of all helps me sleep better too.