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Nephrology Associates of Utah - Kidney Specialist - Nephrology Associates of Utah are Utah's Leading Nephrologist. Specializing in Kidneys Nephrology Associates services throughout they Salt Lake Valley.

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  • Albguitarman - First impressions

    I was looking for a product that could read MS word documents and ebooks. I am a musician and plan on using this mainly to display lead sheets while I perform and to have as a reader for ebooks and audible books. It looks like it will do both just fine. The "English" instruction manual is another story...I have NO clue to what it says - it makes very little sense, primarily due to the syntax usage from translation from Chinese to English. The manual is amusing, but not very helpful.

  • mark - No two the same

    Placed both together with fresh batteries from the same package. Both had different readings on humidity, both temperature readings were the same and accurate. Reversed batteries from one unit to the other and same result, readings were 6% different (ie 31% vs 37%). Left next to each other over night and same result the next day. Would not bother to purchase unless you bought 10 units and selected the best ones, even that should be verified by another accurate source. A hugh waste of time and energy, Only UPS made out on this purchase.

  • The Lady Orlando - Wanted to love it

    I thought it would give me a bit of radiance as grape/olive/organic products usually do, but it seems to make me a bit cloudy looking which is weird - and it cost a lot! I much prefer La Roche Posay rosiliac serum for people looking for something like this.

  • MrAv8er - It's MS Office, more bloated than ever

    In the software manufacture's never ending quest to keep selling you the same thing over and over, we have Office 2013. Super expensive, it does pretty much the same things it did last year, but for more money and now forcing you to re-learn the interface all over again. I'm going to try Open Office next time, because this is getting to expensive. How many times can you re-invent a wheel?

  • End User - Sufficient enough for the basic material

    In major cities it works great, I can comfortably surf the net for the basic materials. yelp, Facebook, email, chat should be ok. However I find the signal to be weak/not connecting when going out of the city a bit. If you look at the coverage map, imagine the strongest signal area, that's where you get coverage. Anything less than strong signal is probably not going to work.

  • David G. Younger - Terrible customer support

    This product is not one that Roxio provides technical support for and customer support is even worse. Do not buy any Roxio product.

  • Donna Carlson - Too Good to Be True

    fabulous detangler and conditioner in one product. I have very fine hair that has taken to tangling as I age. A smiggen of this and I am detangled and get a great condition at the same time. Hair feels great! Just love this product!