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Rowe Neurology | Kansas City Neurologists | Open Low Cost MRI - The Kansas City Neurologists at Rowe Neurology treat the underlying causes of migraine, sleep disorders, MS, back and neck pain, memory loss, seizures. Open Low Cost MRI makes an independent neurology outpatient center without facility fees possible, and helps avoid unnecessary medications and surgery.

  • http://www.neurokc.com/about-us/request-an-appointment-online/ Request An Appointment Online | Rowe Neurology Institute - Use our online form to request an appointment at Rowe Neurology Institute in Kansas City. We see new patients in as soon as 3 days!
  • http://www.neurokc.com/about-us/locations/ Two Locations In Kansas City | Rowe Neurology Institute - RNI provides the best neurology care at our two locations. Neurology-specialized MRI, physical therapy and sleep studies in Lenexa and North Kansas City.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/information-centers/ Coordinated Care Gets Patients Better | Rowe Neurology Institute - We don't just prescribe another pill. Independent from hospitals, RNI provides outstanding coordinated care for sleep, MS & migraine headaches.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/headache-article/comprehensive-headache-treatment-center-at-the-rowe-neurology-institute/ Comprehensive Headache Treatment and Evaluation | Rowe Neurology - Headache treatment should consider the root causes and triggers of the headache cascade, with a tailored evaluation of the patient as a whole.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/sleep-disorders/ More Than Just A Sleep Study | Rowe Neurology Institute Sleep Center - Accredited Sleep Center for sleep evaluations, Polysomnography (sleep study) and MSLT and MWT testing and help with sleep apnea and narcolepsy
  • http://www.neurokc.com/multiple-sclerosis/ Multiple Sclerosis Care In Kansas City | Rowe Neurology Institute - Receive comprehensive care from a coordinated team of Multiple Sclerosis Specialists, with Treatment and Research, all under one roof! Enrolling studies.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/back-pain-and-neck-pain/ Avoid Surgery For Back Pain and Neck Pain | Rowe Neurology Institute - At RNI we believe nearly all non-emergency back pain and neck pain can be handled without surgery, with accurate diagnosis and conservative management.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/kansascity-neurologists/ Kansas City Neurologists treat seizures,fatigue,concussion, back pain - Neurologists treat Pain, Balance Problems, Dizziness, Seizures and Spells, Weakness, Numbness, Memory Loss, Fatigue, Concussion and have MRI, EEG, EMG,Sleep
  • http://www.neurokc.com/alzheimers-disease-and-memory-loss-and-dementia-and-neuropsychological/ Alzheimer's Disease, Memory Loss, Dementia, Neuropsychol--Neuropsych - Memory Loss or Cognitive Decline--Worried about Alzheimer's Disease? The memory circuits of the brain for immediate memory are very specific. They lie deep
  • http://www.neurokc.com/neurology-of-hypermobility/ Neurology of Hypermobility | Rowe Neurology Institute - Dr. Rowe at the RNI has discovered the critical connection between sleep disorders and the other symptoms of hypermobility. The hypermobility syndrome is o
  • http://www.neurokc.com/about-us/ A Team Approach To Neurological Care | Rowe Neurology Institute - Our goal is to provide comprehensive care without the confusion and repeated tests that can be caused by poor communication between many facilities.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/about-us/philosophy-comprehensive-neurological-care-where-patients-come-first/ Comprehensive Neurological Care for Headache, Sleep, Back Pain, MS - Rowe Neurology Institute--Comprehensive neurological care for Headache, MS, Sleep Disorders, Memory Loss, and Back and Neck Pain where patients come first.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/about-us/forms-and-instructions/ Medical Forms & Instructions | Rowe Neurology Institute - Here you can find various forms necessary before beginning treatment. Printing and filling out these forms in advance may save you time during your visit.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/our-team/ Our Experienced & Specialized Team | Rowe Neurology Institute - Every member of the RNI team is expected to stay on top of cutting-edge research in their field, and to spread new information to colleagues.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/headache-center/headache-team/ The Headache Center At RNI | Rowe Neurology Institute - The Headache Center at RNI brings together cutting-edge knowledge and a team of experts in supporting areas. Coordinated care saves time and money!
  • http://www.neurokc.com/sleep-disorders/sleep-team/ True Sleep Doctors Ready To Help | Rowe Neurology Institute - Wherever you get a sleep study done, demand that your doctor sit down and show you how you really sleep, and explain what all the readings mean.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/multiple-sclerosis/m-s-team/ Multiple Sclerosis Team At RNI | Rowe Neurology Institute - Because our neurologists are specialists in MS, they have the expertise to diagnose or rule out MS quickly. We also have our own MRI center on-site.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/our-team/general-neurology-team/ General Neurology Team at RNI | Rowe Neurology Institute - Our diverse team provides a tremendous breadth of knowledge in-house. We also are recognized for our efficiency in getting to the root of the symptoms.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/blogs/ Blog Archive | Neurology Articles | Rowe Neurology Institute - Welcome to the RNI Blogs, where we post content relating to each area of our practice from Multiple Sclerosis to sleep disorders and everything in between.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/category/headache-article/ Headache Articles Archives | Rowe Neurology Institute - Find articles related to the diagnosis sand treatment of headaches and the stories of how we have helped countless patients in the Kansas City area.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/category/sleep-article/ Sleep Articles Archives | Rowe Neurology Institute - Stay informed on the latest discoveries in the arena of sleep science and how RNI restores quality of life to patients that undergo a sleep study.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/category/ms-article/ Multiple Sclerosis Articles Archives | Rowe Neurology Institute - Medicine‚Äôs understanding of MS is constantly changing as well, with new research published every month and new medical options becoming available.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/category/general-article/ General Neurology Articles Archives | Rowe Neurology Institute - Stay informed about other areas of neurology besides headaches and MS. It's fascinating to learn how certain conditions can be related in unlikely ways.
  • http://www.neurokc.com/category/healthcare-advocacy/ Healthcare Advocacy Archives | Rowe Neurology Institute - We want to make sure our patients know what is happening the healthcare. Here you can find valuable information about insisting on the best care available.

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  • Carolyne - They are easy to use and offer relief from muscle and tendon ...

    I have been using these for about 9 years. They are easy to use and offer relief from muscle and tendon pain. Buying them in quantity on Amazon is cheaper than the small packs of 40 at discount stores.

  • Kelly - Wasted my $$ / Cannot return

    It did not work and since it was purchased online through a vendor other than Kaspersky we were not able to get support or return it because it had been opened. Also since purchasing I have noticed the price keeps going down. Guess that tells you something. :-(

  • J. Rambo - Decent tablet for the price

    We bought two of these for the kids over Christmas. I will agree with some of the points about the lack of sensitivity on the screen. We found you have to calibrate the screen and if you use the stylus, it works pretty well. It does a good job with Playon, watching movies, Netflix, most games we've tried (the ones that didn't work well may have been defective games -- Google Play is the Wild West sometimes...). It doesn't hold a super long charge, but you can expect at least an hour or two. I didn't like having only one camera, but for the price, I can't complain. We also were able to get Skype working between the two tablets.

  • Amazon Customer - Good service

    Received a damaged box in plastic from the post office with an apology for screwing it up.. contacted the vendor who was both polite and very helpful... He immediately sent me another one which I received in good shape... this vendor is both curtious and I would definitely use them again

  • Ruby - you will do much better. The science gives you a pretty general review ...

    I read this book cover to cover and did all the exercises, focusing most on the science and math. While it was certainly helpful in giving me a brief review of everything, it should not be used as a stand alone study guide in preparation for the PCAT. I used the book as a tool to assess my strengths and weaknesses. I worked on each section of the book and in any area I did poorly, I made note of. After going through the entire book, I took any area I was weak in, got out my old textbooks and school notes and reviewed with those materials. If you study with the this strategy, you will do much better.