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NeuroSonica - Advanced Neuroacoustic Technologies - Advanced hi-tech EEG tested Brain Audio for peak performance, anti-ageing, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, kids relaxation, sleep, and more. A safe, highly effective drug-free hybrid sound technology.

  • http://www.neurosonica.com/products-ordering.html NeuroSonica Products - NeuroSonica - Advanced Neuroacoustic Technologies - N-Vital and N-Gym audio programs contain a range of clinical and key sound technologies to both deeply relax and stimulate your brain. Like 'multi-vitamins' for your brain they're excellent for improving general brain fitness and performance.They have�

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  • Zzsmmy - Hair is way softer now!

    Let me just say...WOW! This stuff actually works pretty good. To start off, the jar is very nice frosted glass with a silver lid. It actually looks nice to leave on the counter unlike colorful plastic jars. The mask itself is super soft and not too thick, a little goes a long way! My hair is definitely softer afterwards and just feels nice and healthy. It's shinier too. Now on to the thing I'm not liking. The smell. It smells much like a regular lotion and makes me a little queasy if I deliberately smell it, otherwise it's ok. I really love it overall and will continue to use it a few times a month.

  • Boxers - It's So Bad

    This is a collectors item. A very, very neat one. No; it doesn't work. But who the heck cares. It's the mother effin' power glove.

  • J. Barker - Decent armrest

    Decent armrest with a nice storage compartment. Easy to install. Not very sturdy when installed, but that has more to do with the plastic shroud that Scion installed between the front seats than with the armrest. You do lose the rear cup holder.