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Brain & Spine Surgeon | Dr. Amin Amini - Dr. Amin Amini is a neurosurgeon, focusing on brain and spine injuries in Montgomery and Prince George's County. He performs minimally invasive surgery from his offices in Silver Spring and Lanham.

  • http://www.neurosurgerymd.com/contact-dr-amini.php Brain & Spine Surgeon | Dr. Amin Amini - Dr. Amin Amini is a neurosurgeon, focusing on brain and spine injuries in Montgomery and Prince George's County. He performs minimally invasive surgery and sees patients in his offices in Silver Spring, Rockville and Lanham.

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  • Kindle Customer - Takes time

    I have purchased this product, 2 weeks ago and have followed the exact instructions. 2 pills 30 mins before a meal. Although at first you feel bloated it subsides. I have already seen a 5 lb. loss. I did not read any reviews until today and was surprised that some have not really given it a chance.

  • Mel K. - Do not buy!

    I have previously purchased this from sephora and I have also found it at a discounted price at TJMAXX. I know what this product is supposed to feel like, smell like, look like. First off, the feel is more thin than the original. The smell is completely different! It smells similar to hair dye. I am not exaggerating. After putting it on my face, it took me 30 minutes trying to figure out the smell. The look of this cream was also off! The hope in a jar cream that you buy at sephora is a white thick consistency. This cream has a light greenish yellow look. It almost looks like it could glow or something. The weirdest thing! Anyway, if you are buying this cream just buy it directly from sephora. This cream was either a knock-off or bad. I posted a picture to show you the difference regarding he color. The right cream is the one I recived from this seller... The left is what the hope in a jar cream should look like!

  • Evan Sims - The BlackWidow X TE exceeded my expectations

    I love my BlackWidow X Tournament Edition! Having used Cherry MX Blues for nearly the last 10 years, the Razer Green switches have a very familiar feel and sound to them. Felt immediately at home having come from using a Cherry MX Blue ten-keyless for the last 4 years. The colors are bright and beautiful and highly configurable. I love the Overwatch profile, which lights up and animates when your Q/Ultimate is available, among other things.

  • Shelby - Great Cables, Actually 4k 60hz capable

    Contrary to other reviews I've read, these HDMI cables are actually capable of 4k (3840x2160) at 60hz. I tested them with the HDMI 2.0 output on a GTX 970 reference model and a Sharp 4k TV. While it's a relief these cables are as good as they say they are, if your set up is compatible with DisplayPort I would very strongly recommend you use that over HDMI 2.0. In my experience so far DisplayPort causes less problems when gaming at non native resolutions. I often play games on 1440p because even 2 GTX 970s can't keep up with 4k gaming. On my 4k monitor with DisplayPort this isn't a problem, but on my 4k tv with HDMI 2.0 I lose my 60hz capability at 1440p.

  • Samantha Jane - I use Thieves oil all winter long to boost my immune system

    I use a couple drops of Thieves oil on the soles of my feet all winter to give my immune system a boost and it really works. It keeps me from getting sick and when I do get sick it shortens the duration. Rubbing it on my upper foot and massaging it into my toes really helps with sinus congestion. I don't know how or why and I don't care as long as it works!

  • Frank C. Zimmerman - What Rust-Oleum doesnt' tell you - Fix it with Weldbond

    I'll try to keep this short as there are lots of reviews on this product, and I just have one important tip to add.

  • Milli93 - I like this product.

    Used this for a yr now I buy online because it's cheaper. Bad thing is that I use the fine to medium on my sides of my face and the different one for course on my upper lip and chin. Though I don't have it bad at all but if I used the fine to medium on my lip I noticed it still had hair,, so that was the reason for that, I love this cause the hair like side burns are gone n I reapply like once every 4 weeks. I did look at some reviews on YouTube and so bought it and works fine,,leave my face soft n smooth,