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  • RoadiJeff - Thank you all for the honest reviews

    Thank you all for the honest reviews. I saw a TV commercial about Zap recently and I decided to do a Google search for reviews of it before I went for their "if you order now, we'll send you two" offer. After reading the many negative reviews, I can now see that Zap is not all the company claims it to be in their commercials. You all just saved me $19.95 plus whatever additional shipping and handling.

  • Matthew Wood - Good but not great

    OK so this is a real review people. So first, i will say its a little hard for me to judge while i have been on this because of not having a full time job right now. With the master brain AM i had to try a few different things just because i am a little extra sensitive than most when it comes to supplements and caffeine(there is some in this). First, i tried 2(3 is the supplement serving size) along with my normal cup of coffee. And later in the daytime i felt a little jittery. so after a week and a half of feeling the same with the AM, i cut coffee out completely . For a few days i would try the max serving of 3 to see how i felt and ended up going back to 2 still with no coffee. I seemed to be ok after that. It helped me feel better by a mild margin. Like i said hard to judge since i am jobless right now.

  • Justin - Decent recap of an awesome season. I will agree with others that it ...

    Decent recap of an awesome season. I will agree with others that it is not as good as the 2009 DVD but it was still a good watch to relive the rise of the penguins from the mid-season ashes.