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Nimbix: High Performance Computing (HPC) Cloud - Nimbix is a HPC cloud simulation platform that enables engineers, scientists and developers, to build, compute, analyze, and scale simulations in the cloud

  • https://www.nimbix.net/platform/build/ Build & integrate applications w/ your workflow in Nimbix Cloud - Using JARVICE, with a minimal amount of development, you can build and implement the data processing applications that integrate with your workflow.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/platform/compute/ Compute - Nimbix - With a few clicks, you can hand over a workload to JARVICE and let it run. Start up, execution, completion and notification. Get the most out of your data.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/solutions/oil-gas/ Rock Solid Cloud Computing for the Oil & Gas Industry - Seismic Processing Nimbix is supercomputing cloud strength for computational demands of oil and gas seismic analysis.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/solutions/manufacturing-engineering/ Manufacturing HPC Cloud Computing Services - Supercomputing powers to help push product development and manufacturing to the next level.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/solutions/medical-life-sciences/ Cloud Computing for Medical and Life Sciences - JARVICE has the potential to cure cancer, improve clinical outcomes, or help medical and life sciences professional understand our complex biological world.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/solutions/big-data-analytics/ Nimbix Cloud: Big Data and Analytics - The Nimbix Cloud gives you the power to make educated business decisions based on your data. Lots and lots and lots of your big data.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/solutions/managed-solutions/ Managed Cloud Cluster Solutions - We work around the clock to ensure your dedicated cloud clusters are running at maximum productivity, from a single node to thousands of nodes.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/nimbix-hpc-cloud-pricing Nimbix HPC Cloud Computing Pricing - See what subscription and pay-as-you-go pricing options Nimbix offers for HPC Cloud Computing
  • https://www.nimbix.net/blog/ Blog - Nimbix - This is the Nimbix blog with information on supercomputing and the latest big data, HPC, and cloud computing news.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/community/compute30/ Nimbix HPC Webinars - Nimbix HPC Webinars are the perfect way to stay abreast of High Performance Computing (HPC) trends in easy-to-follow 30-minute sessions.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/sc-lounge-party/ Join us at our 4th Annual SC Lounge Party - Nimbix - Join us at Nimbix's 4th annual SC (Supercomputing) Lounge Party, Nov. 2016 at Stanza in Salt Lake City. Network with HPC & Big Data enthusiasts.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/sc16guide/ Unofficial Official Guide to SC16 Week in Salt Lake City - SC16 in Salt Lake City is coming up! To help make your conference experience even more exciting, we've put together an unofficial official guide to SC week.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/about/our-story/ Our Story - Nimbix - Nimbix is about how simple we make it to solve problems that were once impossible to imagine. We strip away the hurdles between your data and its potential.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/about/partners/ Nimbix Cloud Platform Application Partners - Nimbix partners with industry leading application providers and silicon OEMs to deliver the highest performance easiest to use cloud platform on the market.
  • https://www.nimbix.net/about/careers/ Careers - Nimbix - Join a young, fast growing cloud supercomputing company in Texas. Nimbix is delivering high performance computing cloud solutions to the masses.

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