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  • TnJ2013 - These products have greatly improved my skin!

    I love ROC products! They have helped to improve the overall appearance of my skin including the moisture, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and they balanced out my skin tone. I am happy I switched to using their products and would certainly recommend them for others looking to improve the overall appearance of their skin!

  • bryan schroeder - Great product.

    Mats hold water and are thick enough to protect carpet. Great fit and very happy with this product. Highly recomend

  • beadingtoday - but we like it. We have purchased others before

    We have not used the machine much, but we like it. We have purchased others before, but the grind was not fine enough for espresso. This Secura works well also for espresso.

  • Geagon - Pacific Northwest Coastal Beach Town.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the story. I'm all about renovations of a historic inn, a buried body in the garden, and a new town to get used to, and new neighbors who have some big secrets they want to keep hidden.

  • LucysMom - Respect something someone you lost loved and belived in!!

    My sister passed away two years ago and many times we had this boad predict our futures, future surgerys, health problems, boyfriends, good things and bad things have happened, we always said a prayer and protected ourselves with crosses,if you belive its a respectful item I dont consider a toy, if you belive its a toy maybe your only asking for trouble...or fun, just have respect for something that may be made by Hasbro now but was once a respected tool for talking with those who had passed, and getting answers! Thanks for a wonderful board, only issues was packaging, items I have ordered always look like they have been thru the ringer, thrown around, smashed by heavier boxes, and I always pay for quick shipping, so I dont appreciate my items arriving smashed, lol...But you have to have some humor when you must shop from home due to illness!! Thanks for that Amazon...love to shop, ME!!! :)

  • JD Miller - Great info from an experienced man

    This man knows what he's talking about. I am constantly impressed by his ability to inform and educate me on world history and world events.