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  • connie - and really enjoyed it. My Dad was very sick

    I found the show on Netflix this summer, and really enjoyed it. My Dad was very sick, and I spent part of each week with him. There was alot to do and get used to, and it was a comfort to come home and watch some episodes at night before bed. I have not seen enough episodes of this season to give the series five stars. I'm from Maine, and appreciate all Patrick Dempsey has done and does for a nearby hospital. I definitely miss his character, and I do not review tv shows...this is a first. The writers have their work cut out for them, as Derek, Christina, Izzy, George, Lexi, and Mark were well written characters given life by very good actors. Meredith is my favorite, and I love her acting as a Mom...doctor, friend, all her scenes. Only one story did not ring true for me. I did not like the way Izzy's storyline ended. As a viewer who came to the story late, I think the actress had some valid points at the time of her departure.

  • Ron Blasco - Addictive

    If you like Bridges and Flow you'll like Vexes. Fun to play, each level gets a little harder and more challenging.

  • Pete - Good reception!

    I love the reception on this bluetooth headset. It's very clear. I can hear others perfectly and they can hear me equally as well. The negatives are that the back of the ear hook is so big that I can't wear any glasses or sunglasses with it. That is a huge negative for me. I've decided to keep it but will never purchase another headset that is so big/bulky again. I have small ear lobes which may play a factor into the fit for me. If you have small ear lobes and wear glasses then I would suggest you look elsewhere but if that is not a problem then I would recommend the Plantronics Voyager Legend. It's crisp and clear with 7 hours of talk time.

  • amanda - Should have just bought a steamer

    Bought this product in hopes that it would work as advertised. A bit disappointed. The sweeper part does not work well at all - barely picks anything up so you still need to sweep with a broom to get the floor clean and free of debris. The only part that does work properly is the steamer. It does heat up fast and it does steam the floor nicely - gets up grim that is stuck on, leaves a nice, clean shine. However, since the sweeper part is rather useless, you might as well just buy a good steamer for less money - you will not be satisified with the sweeper.