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Infertility Treatment in India | IVF Clinic in India - Nova IVI Fertility - Nova IVI Fertility is India's leading chain of fertility centers and has a vision to be the best-in-class in the field of infertility treatments.

  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering Fertility Clinic - IVF| Vitrification | IUI | ICSI | Endoscopy - Nova IVI Fertility offers counselling session for IUI and IVF patients :Pre-IVF, OPU (Ovum Pick-up), Post E.T (Embryo Transfer), Andrology Services and Basic Treatments like IUI, IVF, ICSI, Vatrification.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering/counselling Counselling for Infertility | Fertility Counselling Service - Our services include one mandatory counselling session for IUI and four mandatory sessions for IVF patients :Pre-IVF, OPU (Ovum Pick-up), Post E.T (Embryo Transfer).
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering/andrology Andrology | Male Infertility | Mens Health Clinic - Nova IVI Clinic in India - Nova IVI Fertility offers comprehensive andrology services through its consultant andrologists. We offer Sperm function tests, Sperm viability testing, Semen analysis etc..
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering/basic/endoscopy Endoscopy Treatment | Hysteroscopy Treatment | Laparoscopy - Endoscopy is a procedure to examine it for infections, diseases or any abnormalities. Endoscopy procedures are Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy. Safely and continuously to monitor embryos during the whole incubation period.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering/basic/intra-uterine-insemination-iui Intra Uterine Insemination | IUI Clinic in India | IUI Procedure - IUI procedure is recommended for patients with mild to moderate decrease in sperm count and /or motility, or if there is mild endometriosis. Best Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) treatment provided by Nova IVI in India.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering/basic/infertility-assessment Infertility Assessment | Laparoscopy | Infertility Detection - NOVA IVI Infertility Assessment. We will do a basic evaluation to find out why a woman cannot become pregnant, for that we mainly check for 3 parameters. These tests are done by our experienced specialists.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering/basic/ivf In Vitro Fertilisation | IVF Treatment | IVF Specialist in India - IVF treatment / Test tube baby center in Bangalore, Nova IVI is the best IVF or Test tube Baby centers for infertility treatment in India. Best male and female fertility center in Bangalore.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering/basic/icsi Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection | ICSI Fertility Treatment | Men Fertility - intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is best procedure for male infertility in which fertilizing an egg may be difficult. With ICSI, a single sperm is injected directly into an egg.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering/basic/embryo-egg-sperm-donation Embryo Adoption | Egg or Sperm donation | Infertility Treatment - Nova IVI - The donor sperm is used to either inseminate the woman (IUI) or to fertilise her eggs in an IVF process.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/primary-offering/basic/vitrification Vitrification | Embryo vitrification | Oocyte vitrification - Nova IVI Fertility - Vitrification is an advanced cryopreservation technique for oocytes and embryos. Patients who undergo IVF may produce several eggs (oocytes) which, if fertilization takes place, will be developed into embryos.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/specialised-offering/advanced-treatments/embryoscope Embryoscope Treatment | Advanced Fertility Treatment - Nova IVI Fertility - Nova Team is specialist in Embryoscope, Embryoscope treatment, Embryoscope procedure, Embryoscope clinic. The Embryoscope can be used with any type of patient undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/specialised-offering/advanced-treatments/blastocyst-culture Blastocyst Culture - Nova IVI Fertility - Nova Team is specialist in blastocyst culture, blastocyst treatmen.It significantly increases the chances of pregnancy, especially in couples who have had repeated IVF failures.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/specialised-offering/advanced-treatments/assisted-hatching Assisted hatching | Women Fertility Treatment | Embro Transfer - Nova IVI - Assisted Hatching (AH) treatment is an IVF technique provide by Nova IVI Fertility to increases the chances of pregnancy in selected patient groups undergoing IVF.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/specialised-offering/reproductive-genetics Pre-implantation Genetic Screening | Chromosomal Abnormalities - Test tube baby treatment in Nova IVI. Reproductive Genetics is estimated that genetics contribute up to 10 percent of infertility issues or recurrent pregnancy losses in couples.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/locations Nova IVI fertility Clinic - Bangalore | Mumbai | Delhi | Chennai | Pune - Nova IVI Fertility is India's leading chain of fertility centers and the best in field of infertility treatments. Best clinical team for IVI,IUI,ICSI treatments in different locations in India.
  • https://www.novaivifertility.com/clinical-team Nova IVI Clinical Team | IVF Treatment in India | Infertility Centre in India | - Every Nova IVI center has a renowned clinical team. We have our best team with special experience, trained and mentored by our partners, IVI Spain, Novi IVI Fertility, India.

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  • BRIAN ALANIS - I want to see you live longer (dont forget the bulging disc that was cutting off my spinal fluid and making me pass out and have

    I am a nurse that works nights (for 20 years nights). I have two small kids a full time job...ooo and my health. Lets dont forget the health because we all know what night shift does to are bodies. I have thyroid disease, hypertention, osteopenia, sinus issues and total exhaustion all the time. My brother that is a nurse and preacher called me and said please try this for me. I want to see you live longer (dont forget the bulging disc that was cutting off my spinal fluid and making me pass out and have really bad headaches.) So, in all fairness our bodies are all unique....again we are all unique. So what works for you may not work for the next person. But i can say for myself. I love it!!!!! It gives me a steady energetic felling. My mind is clearer. And i am getting all the vitamins in one sitting instead of handfuls a day. One sitting. Well i take it 3x's a day. The nights i work i drink one when i get up at 3:30 p.m., at 7 p.m. and then around 1 a.m. this gives me my steady energy. And then my days off. I play with the times. So, remember everyone is unique and different. If you have blood pressure issues maybe it was the two cups of coffee or the bacon and eggs you ate that morning, the road rage you had driving to work or tha anxiety of just the thought of your work days. So please think about all the other stuff that could be the culprit. But until let us live better, be more at peace with ourselves, try to slow down and breath. I for sure am trying. Its like an alcoholic or a smoking it's very hard. God bless all of you. My prays are with you. The nurse that is working on herself.

  • F. Welch - Love This Seasoning

    I just happened to pick this up in the grocer. It is fabulous. I can use it in any type of vegetable I am preparing. I use it in most of my soups. But where it has really been a lifesaver is on my salads. I really don't like salads very much and use the salad dressing to help me get it down. But when I use this seasoning I use far less salad dressing and I actually enjoy the salad. They make one for the salad but I think this one taste better.

  • Ariel Valerie - great service and protection than you

    A real computer geek referred me to your services so I knew I was onto something. So glad I found you.....so much better than the others and it doesn't mess up my computer w/my cable service, what a relief at last

  • leon bryan - great gift

    the book is put together with great pictures makes the read fun for kids too.five more words required and here they are