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  • MissKattt - Works just don't expect wonders.

    I have used activated charcoal caps before, and they do work. This is a whole less messier than dealing with getting the charcoal out of the capsules. So that's already a huge plus. The price for this ($12.99) is extremely reasonable, because for the caps I did pay $8.64 and this container contains other beneficial ingredients as well. Now this looks extremely funny when using it, and it can get a little messy. I couldn't really taste anything crazy either, but I did brush my teeth beforehand. I haven't decided which process works better, i.e. brush teeth first or brush teeth after. I have been using mouthwash to rinse the charcoal out and it works pretty well. Now the label states, you gotta use it twice a day for thirty days to see results. I guess this will just be an extra step in my toothbrushing routine. Brush, brush with this, mouthwash, floss... Could be worse. I have only used this twice, but I can already see a small difference. Not like using crest whitestrips, but absolutely no sensitivity. Overall I'm really pleased with my purchase. I think this jar will last a good amount of time. So the thirteen bucks is so worth it. I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for my honest review, but I will be purchasing this teeth whitener again at full price, when I run out of this.

  • Tony - Great investment.

    Nice little desktop multifunctional. Easy to install and to operate. I was a little worried about the fact that it will not get a lot of use and since the ink just sits there, and old models suffer from injector clogging/ink drying, I contacted Epson support in this regards. They quickly answered that at least once a month, print a full color page to avoid the mishaps. So I have done and it has worked well with no problems for the past 120 days, printing one or two pages (tops) a week.

  • Tammy Douglas - Wow amazing overnight transformation

    OK so I put this on yesterday after washing my face after rubbing in only about a dime size drop I immediately felt a smoother face in addition to brighter skin my face just looked healthier and this was just the first day I can't wait to see what it does after about 2 weeks of use I also put some on before bed last night my skin looked even better this morning so I luv it plus it shipped fast everything you could have expected and even though I got this at a discount for my review please don't let that affect your decision in your buying the product as you would be cutting yourself short by doing so


    This is a great book to help inform you about all the schools in the united states that offer psychology programs. It breaks it down to how many people they take per year for their graduate programs giving you an idea on how well you have to perform to even be considered for the schoool. Over all this is a wonderfull book. If your having a hard time finnding a school that offers your program this is the book to help you. :)

  • Shelly Robbins - The way the screens can be sized and changed makes this version the easiest to use. And the Income Tracker is a good new tool.

    I like the way the homescreen can be sized and moved to cover the whole screen in 2014. I keep mine covering the screen, it's a lot easier to move around in QuickBooks for Mac that way. I also like the Income Tracker because all customer activity is in one place so I can see what I need to be doing next to bring cash into the business, and that's always what needs to be done first and last every day, so it helps me to stay focused on my most important tasks. There is online banking, attached documents, and I could go on and on, but the Income Tracker is what makes this new 2014 version worth spending a few dollars on.