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OakLeaf Clinics - OakLeaf Clinics offers superior health care in Eau Claire and the surrounding communities. Make your appointment today.

  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/make_an_appointment.phtml Request an Appointment | OakLeaf Clinics - Make an appointment at OakLeaf Clinics. Each of our doctors is committed to a compassionate, patient-first philosophy to ensure you and your loved ones receive superior, personalized healthcare.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/ OakLeaf Clinics | Specialities - OakLeaf Clinics offers superior health care in the areas of family medicine, internal medicine, pediatric medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, pulmonary, and sleep medicine.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/find_a_provider.phtml Our Doctors & Health Professionals | OakLeaf Clinics - At OakLeaf Clinics, the right doctor is easy to find. View a complete listing of our Eau Claire doctors or search by doctor or speciality.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/clinics.phtml Our Wisconsin Healthcare Clinics and Outreach Locations | OakLeaf Clinics - OakLeaf Clinics offers superior healthcare in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Amery, Baldwin, Black River Falls, Cumberland, Durand, Ladysmith, Neilsville, and Stanley.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/locations.phtml Our Wisconsin Healthcare Outreach Locations | OakLeaf Clinics - In addition to our clinics in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls, we also offer outreach clinics in Amery, Baldwin, Black River Falls, Cumberland, Durand, Ladysmith, Neillsville, and Stanley.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/careers.phtml Eau Claire Nursing Careers | OakLeaf Clinics - Join our team and help us provide superior medical care in the Chippewa Valley.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/provider.phtml/beckee_biasi/ Beckee R Biasi, FNP-BC, DNP | OakLeaf Clinics - Beckee R Biasi, FNP-BC, DNP specializes in Family Medicine. Schedule an appointment in Eau Claire.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/family_medicine.phtml Family Medicine | OakLeaf Clinics - Develop an ongoing relationship with a physician you trust to care for your whole family. Schedule an appointment with our family medicine specialists today.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/internal_medicine.phtml Internal Medicine | OakLeaf Clinics - As your primary care provider, we are here to help treat and diagnosis common illnesses and spot minor health problems before they become major ones. Schedule an appointment with our internal medicine specialists today.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/pediatrics.phtml Pediatrics | OakLeaf Clinics - Whether scheduling routine visits or urgent needs, we hope that you'll feel like a part of our family when you visit.Schedule an appointment with our pediatric specialists today.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/womens_health.phtml Women's Health | OakLeaf Clinics - Our obstetricians and gynecologists provide exceptional care for women of all ages with all types of conditions. Schedule an appointment with our women's health specialist today.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/cardiology.phtml Cardiology (Heart Care) | OakLeaf Clinics - Our cardiology clinic offers comprehensive diagnostic and interventional therapies. Schedule an appointment with our cardiology specialist today.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/endrocrinology.phtml Endrocrinology (Diabetes + Metabolism) | OakLeaf Clinics - OakLeaf Clinics – Eau Claire Medical Clinic specializes in the care and treatment of individuals with endocrine disorders. Schedule an appointment with our endrocinolgy specialist today.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/geriatrics.phtml Geriatrics | OakLeaf Clinics - OakLeaf Clinics geriatric medical services can help you manage your chronic medical conditions, as well as acute care needs, in a compassionate and comprehensive manner.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/pulmonary.phtml Pulmonary (Lung Care) | OakLeaf Clinics - Whether you're experiencing a persistent cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath or treating a more serious lung diseases, our pulomonary physicians can help diagnose and treat your lung disorder. Schedule an appointment with our pulmonary specialist today.
  • http://www.oakleafclinics.com/specialties/sleep_medicine.phtml Sleep Medicine | OakLeaf Clinics - Sleep is a key part of good health. Let our sleep medicine specialists help you get a good night's sleep. Schedule an appointment today.

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