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OncoGambit Provides online cancer treatment plans for patients - Our reports will help you understand your cancer diagnosis and make available treatment recommendations that have been reviewed by experts in the field.

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  • D.Kelly - Rip off!

    I bought this product alongside with the serum from Ojon (the serum works well). I paid over 70 dollars for the two but was desperate to get my hair healthy again. I have colored hair that is very thin and dry from coloring and using heat on it daily. I was so excited to use this product because so many people swore by it and the woman in the beauty store said this product sold out very quickly. I went straight home and used it. I went by the directions completely.

  • K4tr0y - I'm a Believer

    I was very skeptical about this mount for the price point and the few parts it had. I received the item fast and unpacked it and when I compared it to mounts I had in the past, it was a fraction of the weight and very simple. Just a couple pieces that directly hook to the TV, and a few more for the mounting bracket. The TV I was mounting was a 52" Sony Aquos, so a 55" would have fit beautifully on this mount.

  • Kelly L Cail - These are great in my 2012 CRV

    These are great in my 2012 CRV. Fit is perfect, and they are easy to clean and stay in place. Very easy to install, took me all of 5 mins.

  • Scott - Best g9 replacement in existence if u favored everything the g9 offered

    a bit pricey but it's replaced by aged g9x very well. I can't detect any input lag over works (Logitech isn't lying), the battery lasts a long time, the software is very good. this is almost everything I was hoping for in a g9 replacement. it doesn't offer quite the finger or claw grip I was hoping for but is better than most other Logitech gaming mice. I wanted to stick with Logitech because I don't think I could have given up the dual scroll modes, on the fly sensitivity changing, gaming profiles, programmability, or 5-way middle mouse button (scroll wheel, horizontal clicking, and middle mouse click) of which every other brand would have compromised. there's still no replacement for the g9 but this hits everything with a slightly less claw- / fingertip-friendly grip.

  • OliviaRoss - The best stuff for my hair

    I don't use anything else on my hair. Using this product has changed my hair completely. It makes my hair feel soft and renewed everytime I use it. It also lasts for a long long long time a little goes a long way. I am constantly recommending this stuff to my friends because it has done so much good for me.