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  • ChasingTexas - Amusing!

    So many are waiting for Obama to leave office. This calendar is the highlight of my mother's office.

  • Analyzer - Works after 7 months, modified the Gilmore sprayer to get proper dilution ratio

    At first, for a few months I thought this did not work. At first it turned the black color sort of a brownish yellowish color but was still there. Almost wrote a review saying it did not work. Now after 7 months it looks new. I modified the Gilmour 362 that people are buying with this, you almost have to if you don't want to walk up on the roof. I enlarged the holes in the Gilmore on the top so that the roof cleaner is really sucked out as recommended in the dilution to water. If you don't you are putting out minute quantities that is useful for weed killing, but not for this roof application. After you enlarge the holes in the Gilmore, do a test by spraying 1 gallon out and seeing if the proper dilution is achieved. Remember to take the black diffuser off the end of the nozzle for a far reaching spray stream! I will always use Spray and forget now.

  • J. Milligan - Great for sensitive skin and cystic acne

    This stuff is amazing. I had my face waxed the other day and when I do that, sometimes I experience terrible breakouts on my chin because of the wax pulling impurities out of my skin...after using this product for the fold owing two days after, it seemed as though it brought all of the cysts and pimples to the surface and cleaned out the pores and also reduced the redness and inflammation. I have very sensitive skin and this clay works very good for it

  • Shondel N. - Car ran over my phone, this case provided 100% PROTECTION!!!

    This is my current case now. I have absolutely no complaints about it. It's a very sturdy case, very appealing, and it does what it's suppose to do. Every now and then I drop my phone and this case saves the day.

  • Mlrlite - I usually hate the feel of microfiber

    I bought this towel in the smaller size color purple. I bought it with the intention of putting in my hiking/canoe/lake backpack but so far it hasn't left my bathroom. I usually hate the feel of microfiber, the feeling of it snagging on your skin. However, this towel is so soft, even after a few washes on hot it has stayed super soft. I figured I would give it an at home test before I needed on an out door trek. This is a mistake that means I need to buy another one. I've used it on both my body and my hair and am impressed at how fast drying it is, both for me and for the towel itself. It pulls all the moister off my skin instantly and works great as a way to kick start drying my hair. I have thick, long, hair and it pulls the extra moister out without being super drying or causing extra frizz. It has become my hair towel and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a regular towel. My only complaint is that it is really soft. I know that's a strange complaint, but I like my body towels to be a little scratchy. Because I know this is a personal thing, I didn't feel the need to take dock it a star. If I could I would maybe go with a 4.5 rating.