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Bariatric Surgery | LAP BAND | Gastric Band | Dr. Bagnato | Macon - Located in Macon and Albany, Georgia, Palmyra Surgical is the most experienced bariatric (weight loss) surgery practice in Southwest Georgia.

  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/online-seminar-sign-up Online Seminar Sign Up | Palmyra Surgical Gastric Band Surgery Specialists - Online Seminar Sign Up Learn about weight loss surgery by viewing a 30 minute seminar online. There's no obligation and no fee. Just enter your n...
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia Lose Weight with Surgery for Weight Loss in Macon &Albany Georgia - Experience effective weight loss in Macon with weight loss surgery at Palmyra Surgical. Dr. Bagnato specializes in Lap Band Surgery in Macon and Albany, Georgia
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia/laparoscopic-bariatric-surgery Laparoscopic l Bariatric Surgery | Albany | Valdosta | Macon | Columbus | Georgia | Dr Bagnato - Gastric band surgery with laparoscopic or minimally invasive techniques by the most experienced lap-band surgeon in Georgia - Dr. John Bagnato
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia/lap-band-system LAP-BAND Surgery | Weight Loss Surgery in Macon & Albany - Dr. Bagnato is the number one provider of LAP-BAND surgery in Atlanta and surrounding areas from his office in Macon south Georgia
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia/advantages-of-lap-band LAP-BAND Advantage | Georgia | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta | Columbus - Learn about the advantages of LAP BAND surgery for weight loss such as minimal trauma, lower risk, fewer side effects
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia/lap-band-results Lap Band Weight Loss Results after Bariatric Surgery in Macon & Albany - LAP-BAND surgery can give you the same weight loss results as procedures like gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, but with a lower risk of complications.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia/orbera-intragastric-balloon Lose thirty plus pounds in 6-months without surgery, pills or dieting. - With the ORBERA intragastric balloon, you can lose weight easier than through diet and exercise alone, but without obesity medication, and without surgery
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia/vbloc-therapy vBloc Therapy performed by Dr Bagnato in Macon and Albany - Using tiny electrical impulses from a small neuroregulator, vBloc reduces hunger sensations and simulates fullness to assist people lose weight
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia/lap-band-adjustments LAP BAND Adjustments | Gastric Band Fills | Realize Band Fills | Georgia | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta - Learn how Dr. Bagnato's port placement makes LAP-BAND adjustment easier and, in most cases, free in Georgia
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia/qualifying-for-weight-loss-surgery Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery |Albany & Macon, Georgia - Find out if you are eligable for weight loss surgery in Albany and surrounding areas of Georgia, Macon, Dothan, Valdosta, Columbus, and Tallahassee FL
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery-georgia/realize-gastric-band Realize Band | Gastric Band | Palmyra Surgery | Albany | Macon | Valdosta l Georgia - Weight loss surgeon Dr. Bagnato offers Realize Band bariatric surgery in Georgia, including Albany, Macon, Dothan, Valdosta, Columbus & Tallahasse, FL
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/bariatric-surgery-team-georgia Weight Loss Surgeon | Bariatric Surgery Support | Georgia | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta | Columbus - Learn about weight loss surgeon, Dr. John Bagnato, and the bariatric surgery support team at Palmyra Surgical in Georgia
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/bariatric-surgery-team-georgia/dr-john-bagnato Dr. Bagnato—Your Weight Loss Surgeon in Macon for Lap Band Surgery - Dr. Bagnator is your weight loss surgeon in Macon who specializes in Lap Band weight loss surgery for Macon and Albany residents of Georgia.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/bariatric-surgery-team-georgia/surgical-support-team Bariatric Surgery Support Team | Georgia | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta | Columbus | Tallahassee | Palmyra Surgical - Meet the weight loss surgery support team assisting patients prepare for surgery and make weight loss lifestyle changes in Georgia
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/patient-results Patient Results for Weight Loss Surgery - Learn about Dr. Bagnato's patient results for Weight Loss Surgery at Palmyra Surgical in Macon and Albany, Georgia.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/getting-started Getting Started with Lap Band Surgery - Are you ready to get Lap Band surgery? Learn how to get started and what steps to take to start improving your health and lose weight.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/seminar-schedule Weight Loss Surgery | Palmyra Surgical | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta | Columbus | Tallahassee - Attend a free weight loss surgery seminar to learn details about bariatric surgery in Georgia
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/adjustable-gastric-band-guide Gastric Band Guide | Weight Loss Surgery Information - Learn more about weight loss surgery in our gastric band guide. Find out about Lap Band and how you can lose weight.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/adjustable-gastric-band-guide/about-weight-loss Obesity Health Risks | Bariatric Surgery | Albany | Macon | Columbus | Georgia - Weight loss surgery makes the problem of obesity manageable, helping people to lose weight and to significantly improve health.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/adjustable-gastric-band-guide/weight-loss-options Weight Loss Surgery in Georgia l Weight Loss Medication l Albany l Valdosta l Columbus l Georiga - There are many weight loss options to be considered: dieting and lifestyle change, weight loss medications, weight loss surgery.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/adjustable-gastric-band-guide/adjustable-gastric-band-surgery Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery l LAP-BAND in Albany l Albany l Macon l Georgia - LAP-BAND and REALIZE Band are the two adjustable gastric bands that are approved for use in the United States by the FDA. Adjustable gastric band surgery is nor
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/adjustable-gastric-band-guide/preparing-for-bariatric-surgery Bariatric Surgery in Georgia l Gastric Band Surgery l Lap-Band l Albany l Valdosta l Macon l Columbus l Georgia - Preparing for Bariatric Surgery, preparing yourself physically and emotionally is quite important.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/adjustable-gastric-band-guide/your-adjustable-gastric-band-surgery Gastric Band Surgery in Georgia l Surgery Complications l Albany l Macon l Valdosta l Georgia - A brief overview of what to expect on the day of your adjustable gastric band surgery.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/adjustable-gastric-band-guide/post-bariatric-surgery-diet Bariatric Surgery Diet l Bariatric Surgery in Georgia l Gastric Banding l Albany l Valdosta l Georgia - Post-bariatric surgery diet consists of three steps: liquid diet, pureed diet, and soft food diet.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/adjustable-gastric-band-guide/health-issues-after-surgery Dealing with Health Issues after Weight Loss Surgery - After weight loss surgery you may experience some common health issues as a result of the changes made to your body and diet.
  • http://www.palmyrasurgical.com/adjustable-gastric-band-guide/living-with-your-gastric-band Living With Your Gastric Band | Palmyra Surgical Gastric Band Surgery Specialists - Living With Your Gastric Band Your lifestyle is made up of the actions you make repeatedly. This includes the foods you eat, the amount of activity...

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  • Nic715 - Disappointed.

    Don't get me wrong, this is a great book! However, it's the same exact book as the Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2015-2015 Strategies, Practice and Review book that I got from my local library for free...right down to the questions at the end of each chapter and the included practice test. I was hoping that I'd be able to access the so-called "included" online content that made this the "Premier" version which included another practice test and a 20 question sample of Kaplan's Qbank but even though it says on page XV of this book under How To Use This Book to go to http://www.kaptest.com/booksonline.jhtml, find the correct title/ISBN# and enter a given word, this book is not yet included as an option in that menu. Phone calls to Kaplan do not connect you to a human, instead you are told to send an email and then the line disconnects. I've tried both emailing and leaving a message on their Facebook wall but have not received a response. This book also comes with a DVD with a "Test Taking Workshop" and "Rules of the NCLEX-Living In NCLEX Land" which I have not watched so I can not offer a comment on it's quality or value. As I already have the Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2015-2015 Strategies, Practice and Review and can not access the online content, this book is pretty much useless to me and I will be returning it.

  • Lauren - Definitely recommend!

    This case is super durable, has nice finishes line the chrome buttons, and looks more expensive than it actually is! Great product. Shipped fast!

  • Hyperjump - Fun oldie

    Good tunes for any era. As a trip down memory it lane works well to re-visit those moments of yesteryear.

  • Pegacorn - Not Windows 7 Compatible

    At first it would start then cut off on it's own. Ancestry was no help at all. Finally got it to work but it still periodically crashes, shutting down and I have to restart it and hope it saves what I did before it crashed. I should have returned it. Previous version were so good too. Very disappointed. Scared to try 2012 FTM.

  • Alfred D. - function well. provide rear stereo, not true surround

    Sorry this review will be lengthy but I'm going to include information I wish I could have had clearly explained to me so I am offering it to you. I was finding mixed reviews but still wanted to try these speakers to see for myself. I bought a set from an electronics store to try and if they didn't work I could easily return them. As far as function these speakers do work well. I actually have alot of sound coming from them linked to a samsung k-450 soundbar. I can tell this by turning the rear speakers on and off in the audio settings of the sound bar. There is also a rear speaker level that you can adjust. These speakers do not however provide real surround sound even with the surround setting turned on in the sound bar. They are satellite speakers which only provide stereo. By placing them in the rear of the room it does fill the room with audio nicely and "surround" you with sound but it is not surround sound. The audio coming from these will be the same as what comes from the sound bar. Now going back to volume from them I do have quite a bit of sound from them. It really is a big difference but they aren't as loud as the sound bar which is where I feel people have reviewed them saying you can barely hear them. But my sound bar is 300watts the amplifier running these is 180watts so of course they wont be as loud as the sound bar itself. Linking was easy and I dont have any interference or white noise. So as a wrap up these speakers do function well as speakers in my opinion. They do not provide real surround but the do help your audio. They made my already great sounding audio better enough to justify the purchase.