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Pancreas Tomorrow | Chronic Pancreatitis, Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, Total Pancreatectomy with Auto Islet Transplant (TP/AIT) - Patient Story - Awareness of Chronic Pancreatitis (CP), Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction (SOD), Acute Pancreatitis, Total Pancreatectomy with Auto Islet Transplant (TP/AIT or TP/IAT), Biliary Disorders, Chronic Pain, Dysautonomia (Autonomic Dysfunction), Diabetes, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Gastroparesis, Periodic Paralysis.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • Melissa F. - Excellent Value for the Money

    EXCELLENT diffuser! I got this in and promptly forgot to plug it in. It sat on my kitchen table, waiting to be used. Well, last night, our little dog had a puppy accident in our bedroom. Even after a THOROUGH scrubbing and air freshener being sprayed, the room still stank. It was CLEAN but that nasty scent hovered in the air. I remembered the diffuser; we grabbed it, read the directions, and plugged it in. Within about a minute, the diffuser had replaced the rank smell with our lovely essential oil blend. Even this morning, the air in the bedroom still has that pleasant blend scent and NOT the unpleasant puppy accident smell.

  • Christianna L. Taylor - Awesome product

    I love this product as well as the rest in the set. It makes my hair feel so nice and clean with no build up. It has helped my hair to grow and fill in in the areas I was lacking. I would recommend this product to anyone with hair loss problems or build up problems.

  • mridea - Great Little Digital SIgnage Driver

    Excellent product. Using 4 (soon to be five) of them for digital signage display drivers and they work well. Will not work from USB on tv as suggested elsewhere as they require more power than is available from the tv's USB port. This means that some other method of turning the devices off at night is required. Since the screens are mounted fairly high on the wall, I used an Etekcity Programmable Wireless Remote Control Power Outlet On/Off Switch to control a power bar that I plug both the tv and the Ideastick into. Works well.

  • E. Trout - Great Product!

    Really helpful product. I used to hold the polish bottle and frequently spilled some. Not, I just put the bottle in this great little holder and slip it on my fingers. Can't believe someone didn't think of this earlier!

  • Junlei Li - Great for us, Greater Still as Presents!

    We have had our set for over 6 years. The same set, never broken. This year, it starts to get "sticky" and finally get a little hard to push through (the pumper), so I rubbed some vaseline on it, and viola! good as new. This is one of the neatest, most useful toys for people who don't drink a whole bottle each time! One very nice feature ... this topper gives a clicking sound when the air is fully sucked out. So you don't have to keep pumping and wonder if you've done your job!

  • Steven C. - Poor instructions.

    No instructions included. No clue how to set or use. Made quite a mess on Ceiling. I believe came installed backwards. Caused most of the damage.

  • David Osahon - One of the Best, if not...

    Anti virus software are a dime a dozen but Kaspersky stands out above the rest really. Used it over the years and made the mistake of trying another vendor just to see what else was out there. Big mistake. Assessing the worth of AV software is its efficacy in not only dealing with viruses and malware but in preventing them in real time as well. I will note that the only other AV software that comes close is Malwarebytes but i'm sticking with Kaspersky.