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Agência Pés Formosos - Nós somos uma agência de evangelismo e pesquisas sociais, interdenominacional, atuando em setores não alcançados e de difícil acesso ao cristianismo, tais como universidades, escolas, teatros, centros de convenções, empresas e outros ambientes formadores de opinião no Brasil e exterior.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • georg - 70% removal of severe tartar build (9 years) within 27 days

    70% removal of severe tartar build up in the last 27 days! Used the product exactly as directed. Unbelievable results does not begin to describe the improvement. A note to pet owners: I always gave my dog a hard large dry dog biscuit after his moist meal. Checked his teeth regularly and the canine's and front teeth were sparkling clean. I thought I had discovered a tartar control system. However, one day - I looked at his back molars - completely encrusted with tartar, so much so that they appeared as one tooth rather than two. Speechless does not begin to convey my reaction - I was appalled at my lack of knowledge of the tartar condition and my lack of due diligence. I will continue the gel as directed for my older guy and am also using it as directed for my younger dog to prevent damaging tartar build up in her future. The risks of general anesthesia necessary for adequate removal of tartar and general oral care are substantial and can lead to suffering and the death of your pet. Finally, I am not aware of any such gel or treatment for human tartar build up on the market today although there are a multitude of toothpastes, mouth washes, etc. advertised. If there were a similar gel product as Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover on the market for humans, I know my dental cleaning costs would be substantially reduced. I highly recommend this product and strongly suggest that you begin using this gel as directed when you pet is an adult, once or twice a week, to prevent the damaging effects, health and financially, of tartar build up on your best friends teeth.

  • Elvi - up n down bad streets in El Salvador for 3 weeks n now ...

    Got this stroller for traveling out of the country with my 6 month old baby and its worth it ......up n down bad streets in El Salvador for 3 weeks n now were taking it again for the 2 nd time n tieres are still great confitions n they never got stuck

  • Amazon Customer - Too short for 8.5ft ceiling

    I have 8.5 ft ceilings but my hood only came with 2 - 15" sections of chimney, totalling less than 3 feet. My hood is installed 28 inches above my stove which leaves me with about 15" of chimney-less space. Will someone please explain how this could possibly touch an 8 ft ceiling?