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  • Patricia P. Surrey - Used to speed up a slow drain and it worked!

    I know, it's not what it is for. But I reached the end of my rope with my bathroom sink. I have a slow drain and I swear I used every freaking thing to clear it. I even pulled apart all the pipes to discover the problem is in the main line. But none of the main line products worked and plumber's wanted both my arm, leg, and first born child. I don't have kids so I couldn't afford it :-)

  • Katie - A Fun Cookbook

    There are a lot of interesting recipes in here. I've already tried a bunch and they turned out really good. Not gourmet or anything like that, but who's expecting that from a Harry Potter cookbook? Most of them are simple recipes and of course, the Harry Potter element makes it fun. There are fun facts posted next to the recipes (historical info, etc.) that are also fun to read.

  • Bradley A. Swope - Not a Sequel to "Built to Last"

    REVIEW: How do you become "great"? Well, you study what the great do and emulate them. That's the point of "Good to Great". This book answers the question, "How does a good company become a great company?" The research team found 11 companies that met their stringent stock performance criteria exemplifying "good to great". Then they collected, filtered and studied tons of data on these companies and determined the patterns that explain how they became great companies. They distilled their findings in a fairly simple, easy to understand model having six components. I'm very often disappointed with models used is business books (note: this is not just a business book) but the models used here seemed natural and didn't come off as forced or too clever. While the book is based on very in-depth research, it does not read like a research report. The author has done an excellent job at bridging the gap between first rate research and a mass market audience. Many best sellers are "fad" books - this one is not. Highly recommended for those interested in organizational excellence.

  • jennyo - Too firm for a side sleeper, comfort layer is too thin, weird trampoline like feel.

    Way harder than advertised. I have had this for 2 months and I'm returning it. I am a fit woman with an hourglass figure and so most of my weight is on my hip when I lie on my side with some on my shoulder. It's too hard under my shoulders causing my arms to go asleep and I wake up with neck and shoulder pain every morning, despite trying about 10 different pillows. At the same time it feels saggy under my hip, like I'm lying in a trampoline. I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of rolling downhill in this bed..

  • Margaret P Breen - AWESOME Scour Off

    This is the best product on the world to clean mean stains on ovens, bathtubs and even my Chevy 07 HHR

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Fewer paintings than the first book. Also darker. Still it's of high quality. Must-buy for all HP fans.

  • Judy Iano - Love It!

    We love them! they look so nice and so easy to wipe clean were going to put them in all our vehicles!