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  • Noelle - This is amazing!!! The "professional" is totally different than the other products by Viviscal

    This is the original, don't get the other ones, they added something that doesn't work as well (or as someone mentioned but too much iron in it or something). But this "professional" product has changed my life (I mean hair)!!!! It's was falling out from stress and a bunch of bad bleach dyes. So damaged and I thought it would never grow back. I've been taking this for about 7 months. And it's amazing. I first got it at the Salon that recommended it. I was hesitant since I thought it was expensive. But now I keep buying it on Amazon. So glad I can get it here. And I get direct from Amazon, not a 3rd party so I know it's the real deal. Love it. I no longer have all these little short hairs sticking up on the top of my head from breakage, it's grown!!! I only take one a day, as I think taking more would be too much vitamins. So I'm sticking to it. Highly recommend.

  • Dan O. - Great upgrade

    Easy to install (relatively easy), adds a great look. Glad I went with the Jeep fuel door as opposed to the off-brand/no-name competitors out there. Little more expensive, but in my opinion worth the cost. Recommended to all Wrangler owners looking to add some cosmetic upgrades

  • sdecesare - 5 version (the age of hard disks) and this is by far the worst one ever

    There are so many defects and so many issues with this version it is NOT worth buying. I have been using FINALE since the 3.5 version (the age of hard disks) and this is by far the worst one ever. Takes them forever to update issues and when they do update, they mess up something totally. They use their customers as guinea pigs to test out their product (defects and all) so that the customer can find the problems and then hopefully fix them. Bad business practices.

  • E. Mayo - I mean even water taste bad!. I will NOT be using this again

    Purchased this product from Wal-Mart last week after seeing so many positive reviews. However, I should've read the 1 star reviews first before buying it. I am sitting here dying of thirst as I speak as I am guzzling down bottles of water. I have never been so thirsty in my life and was considering being tested for diabetes as I have never experience thirst to this extent ever before in my life. Also, it leaves an odd metallic taste in your mouth for the entire day and my tongue feels numb. I mean even water taste bad!. I will NOT be using this again, It gives you terrible dry mouth. I will just brush and floss more often. This stuff is awful and very expensive!!!!!! Hopefully I will be able to find my receipt so I can get a refund.

  • Cheap and Cheerful - Vivo per Leis facial peel is much cheaper

    I bought oro gold facial peel at the mall until I googled the active ingredient and found out that amazon is selling a very similar product sold as "Vivo Per Lei Facial Peel" for $8! Once I found that I started buying multiples because I love what the product (essentially a chemical exfoliant) does for my skin but just hate the price.

  • Summerville - Good clean look

    Exactly what I expected. Good clean look, easy-ish installation. After figuring out the left vs. right mounting (you'll know if it's wrong very quickly) I still had a bit of trouble getting the screws in cleanly. It would have been nice if they included a right-angle phillips, but life goes on.

  • Jessie Stephens - Decent.

    Love this, but really wish it held cups upright and not at a slight angle. I often feel like if I have a full drink that I can put it in or it'll spill on baby/kiddo. But wanted someway of holding items at hand level.