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Future of Healthcare Delivery | Healthcare Improvement - Physicians Foundation empowers physicians with resources to help advance the future of healthcare, including the improvement of our healthcare system and healthcare delivery issues.

  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/about-us Practicing Physicians Support | Healthcare Reform - Physicians Foundation seeks to advance the work of practicing physicians and aid in the healthcare reform in America.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/about-us/our-history/ Physician Development and Healthcare Reform | Medical Society Foundation - The Physicians Foundation works closely with medical societies across the U.S. for the development and support of practicing physicians.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/about-us/board-perspectives/ Board Perspectives on Healthcare Policy | Delivery Aspect of Healthcare - Physicians Foundation research and insights provide crucial perspectives to the delivery of healthcare.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/focus-areas Emerging Healthcare Trends | Key Healthcare Issues Facing Doctors - Physicians Foundation seeks to support the advancement of the latest healthcare trends by focusing on key issues facing doctors today.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/focus-areas/healthcare-reform/ Healthcare Reform Impact on Physicians | Health Policy Legislation - Physicians Foundation assess the impact of healthcare policy reform on practicing physicians. We help doctors navigate current health policy and legislation.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/focus-areas/physician-shortage/ Primary Care Physician Shortage Solutions | Patient Access to Care - Physician Foundation offers insights to help find a solution to the primary care physician shortage. Our research helps patients get easier access to care.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/focus-areas/healthcare-industry-trends/ Healthcare Industry Trends and Analysis | Primary Care Forecast - Physicians Foundation researches current healthcare industry trends and analysis to aid primary care physicians to deliver quality care to their patients.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/focus-areas/physician-leadership/ Physician Leadership Development and Training Program - Physicians Foundation leadership program helps doctors navigate today’s healthcare environment with training on core business and management skills.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/focus-areas/health-information-technology/ Health Information Technology Programs | Economic and Clinical Health - The Physicians Foundation serves as an education platform for health information technology. We help physicians understand HIT practices.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/healthcare-grants Healthcare Grant Opportunities | Physician Grant Opportunities - Physicians Foundation road-map for the future is to provide various healthcare grant opportunities and advance the work for practicing physicians.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/healthcare-grants/current-rfps/ Grants for Healthcare Organizations | Initiatives for Healthcare - Physicians foundation various grants to healthcare organizations seeks to improve the quality of care and expand the health services offered.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/healthcare-grants/portfolio/ Grants for Health Information Technology and Education - Physicians Foundation offers grant opportunities for health education and technology organizations seeking to advance the work of practicing physicians.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/healthcare-grants/how-to-apply/ Apply for Healthcare Grants | Healthcare Eligibility Requirements - The Physicians Foundation encourages all qualified and eligible organizations to apply for available grants.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/healthcare-grants/search/ Grants for Health Programs and Research - The Physicians Foundation offers grants for a wide range of healthcare programs and research that seek to address the issues affecting doctors.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/healthcare-research Health Reform Insights | Healthcare Research and Analytics - The Physicians Foundation’s healthcare research and analysis help practicing physicians navigate issues affecting the future of the healthcare system.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/healthcare-research/ri-research-studies/ Physician Surveys | Research Studies - Explore our physician surveys to review the key issues impacting America’s physicians and their patients. We are a researched-based, grant-making organization.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/healthcare-research/ri-white-papers/ Healthcare Industry White Papers - The Physicians Foundation industry white papers examine the changing nature of the healthcare system and the issues affecting physicians and their patients.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/healthcare-research/ri-resources/ Healthcare Reform Analysis and Reports | Medical Research - The Physicians Foundation links to key organizations and associations focused on healthcare reform analysis.
  • http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/contact Contact Healthcare Foundation | The Physicians Foundation - Contact the Physicians Foundation today for help understanding what is happening in the fast-changing U.S. healthcare system.

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