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  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/exclusive-private-tours/christian-heritage/ Christian Heritage Tours in Israel Holy Land | Pomegranate Travel - Bring the stories form the Bible to live, visit the Holy land and explore the rich Christian heritage in Israel - call us today!
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  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/jewish-heritage/ Jewish Heritage Tours in Israel | Pomegranate Travel 2016 - Jewish Heritage Tours here at Pomegranate focus on the historical development of Israeli community and the ruins across the country. Enquire today.
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/christian-tour/ Christian Tour in Israel | Holy Land Tours | Pomegranade Travel - Christian pilgrimage experts for your holy land tour. We discovered christian pilgrimage sites during our journeys in Israel and can't recommend more.
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/israeli-food-wine/ Israeli Food & Wine Tour | Israel Tours | Pomegranate Travel - Enjoy the vast range of flavours & food in Israel's famous food and wine scene. Tour food and spice markets and organic farms and lots of tasting!
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/meeting-locals/ Meet the locals in Israel | Private Tours | Pomegranate Travel - Great travel experiences are about the people we meet, like the places we see. Pomegranate Travel offers a wide range of opportunities to meet the locals.
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/israel-art-architecture/ Art & Architecture in Israel | Tour Tel Aviv | Pomegranate Travel - Tel Aviv has become a flourishing regional hub for art and design – not surprising given the tangible flow of creative energy which runs through the place.
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-tours/adventure-sports/ Adventure Holidays in Israel | Pomegranate Travel - Looking for an adventure ? Book your bespoke adventure tour in Israel through Pomegranate travel now. Discover the wild Israel.
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/balloon-helicopter-tours/ Adventure Ballon & Helicopter Tours Israel | Pomegranate Travel - Discover Israel with Pomegranate guided helicopters tours. Enjoy the view from above and highlight your trip with something you will remember forever.
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/spa-spirit/ Luxury Spa Tours in Israel 2016 | Pomegranate Travel - Discover some of the most wonderful spas arounds Israel with Pomegranate; ideal place to rest after a long day walking around the beauty of the country.
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/fashion-style-tours/ Fashion & Clothing Israel Tours | Pomegranate Travel 2016 - Pomegranate Travel, offers you a personally tailored experience guiding you to the heart of Tel Aviv’s fashion, style and design scenes. Book a tour today.
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/geopolitical-tours/ Geopolitical Tours in Israel | Pomegranade Travel - Discover and define geopolitical issues in Israel. Meet local people both Israeli and Palestinian to find out their opinion about the current situation.
  • http://www.pomegranate-travel.com/israel-inspiration/bird-watching/ Bird Watching Tours in Israel | Pomegranate Travel 2016 - Watch bird migration in Israel this year. It's strategic position makes migratory birds to pass through twice a year. Enjoy birding with Pomegranate.
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  • Mike Feldman - Great helmet for the price.

    I tried on the helmet for the first time and I was very impressed with the glove like fit The tensioning system works great. The helmet is only 7grams heavier than my Giro pro, which was a medium size helmet,

  • David - Great tool for learing

    Its a pretty cool game. I got it for PS3 and the intergrated cable worked perfectly with my guitar and PS3. Sometime I find the tuning before evry song to be a pain in the ars but only because I know how to play guitar. I bought this to see if it would be a benifit to my son who I think would like to learn the basics from a video game rather than a Live person. Anyway, its a little addicting and I NEVER play video games. I am 40 Years old and spend my time on learning rather than games or television. This game had my attention for several hours. I think its is probably a great tool for learning coupled with human teaching. Thanks for reading, love Slash.

  • Stace23 - Not as subtle as the picture (colors)

    I love these shoes in the picture - in person, they are quick a bit more extreme and I find that because of that, I am not wearing them. They are very high quality, but they are incredibly heavy - another reason I don't use them or travel with them, trying to pack "light." I bought them for a trip, and most NIKE shoes I have purchased in the past have been lighter, but these weigh alot. I will still use them for walking at home - they are great for walking and really give alot of cushion when you step. They are a little wide, and I have wide feet already. If I had it to do over, I would not have purchased this color.