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POWER CONECTOR - - Pioneros en innovación de acoplamientos eléctricos - Somos una organización que brinda soluciones de conexión eléctrica a la minería, industria , construcción, energía e hidrocarburos, a través de la fabricación de conectores electromecánicos con altos estándares de calidad, bajo normativas internacionales generando valor a nuestros clientes.

Country:, North America, US

City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • Gina Douglass - We've used this product more than once now and it ...

    We've used this product more than once now and it hasn't done anything to lighten the mold growth on our shingled roof. I'm not impressed at all. Granted the mold was out of control also and that might not have been helpful for the product to cut it. No excuses though if it's supposed to do the trick in my mind!

  • Bradley A. Swope - Not a Sequel to "Built to Last"

    REVIEW: How do you become "great"? Well, you study what the great do and emulate them. That's the point of "Good to Great". This book answers the question, "How does a good company become a great company?" The research team found 11 companies that met their stringent stock performance criteria exemplifying "good to great". Then they collected, filtered and studied tons of data on these companies and determined the patterns that explain how they became great companies. They distilled their findings in a fairly simple, easy to understand model having six components. I'm very often disappointed with models used is business books (note: this is not just a business book) but the models used here seemed natural and didn't come off as forced or too clever. While the book is based on very in-depth research, it does not read like a research report. The author has done an excellent job at bridging the gap between first rate research and a mass market audience. Many best sellers are "fad" books - this one is not. Highly recommended for those interested in organizational excellence.

  • I like it - the only problem was that she had slipped them off at school to get on gym shoes somehow the light button and wire came off easi

    I got these for my daughter and she loves them.the only problem was that she had slipped them off at school to get on gym shoes somehow the light button and wire came off easily and she lost it.other than that they are cool shoes

  • Paphawin Taylor - The seat is too narrow.

    I got this stroller for our trip to California. We live in Hawaii and there's no stores where we can try out so we have to blind shop for this stroller. Our son is 10 months old he's about 25 lbs. but he almost grew out of this stroller already. I've been used this stroller only for a month but sometimes the release button is stuck. I'm not sure it's only mine or every UPPABABY GLUXE strollers.

  • Sherry Skinner - A good, light weight riding glove

    A good, light weight riding glove! Nothing too rigid, with hard plastic, etc. Again, good, overall light weight trail riding glove with easy flexibility and rubber padding on the fingers. Solid and good fit!! Son loves them and wears them every time he rides.

  • Bjohnson - Best valve oil ever!

    I've used Al Cass for 25 years & it is the best! I've tried other Valve oil products & have had problems with sticky valves, but I will never stray again!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Tool

    This beats using paper dip sticks to test the brake fluid. It is accurate as I tested it with new brake fluid and brake fluid contaminated with moisture as well as tap water. Nice addition to your brake tools. It's a good selling point for much needed brake flushes when doing a brake job. Highly recommended