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PRC Clinical - Your Expert Clinical Trial Management CRO - The CRO of choice for pharmaceutical, biotech and regenerative medicine developers worldwide, offering a next-level clinical trial management experience.

  • http://www.prcclinical.com/clinical-services/early-phase-drug-development/ Early Phase Drug Development - Do you have the right drug development partner to help you optimize your clinical and regulatory pathway? PRC Clinical brings you a focused┬áteam of experts.
  • http://www.prcclinical.com/clinical-services/clinical-site-monitoring/ Clinical Site Monitoring - PRC Clinical - PRC Clinical is a full-service CRO providing Clinical Site Monitoring Services since 2003. Our CRAs are ACRP accredited and have an average of 10 years experience.
  • http://www.prcclinical.com/clinical-services/clinical-trial-project-management/ Clinical Trial Project Management - PRC Clinical - PRC Clinical offers Clinical Trial Project Management services since 2003. Our Project Managers are highly experienced clinical trial professionals.
  • http://www.prcclinical.com/clinical-services/clinical-payment-services/ Clinical Payment Services - PRC Clinical - PRC Clinical is a full-service CRO with over 10 years of clinical payments experience in multinational Phase II and III clinical trials.
  • http://www.prcclinical.com/clinical-services/clinical-data-management/ Clinical Data Management - PRC Clinical - PRC Clinical is a full-service CRO established in 2003. We provide clinical data management (CDM) services through long-term strategic relationships.
  • http://www.prcclinical.com/clinical-services/biostatistics/ Biostatistics - PRC Clinical - Our biostatisticians will support you to design an optimal clinical study or provide the relevant input on the study protocol to present it to the FDA.
  • http://www.prcclinical.com/clinical-services/drug-safety/ Drug Safety - PRC Clinical - PRC Clinical is a full-service CRO offering Drug Safety services since 2003 by developing strategic relationships with Drug Safety Management partners.
  • http://www.prcclinical.com/clinical-services/quality-assurance-and-compliance/ Quality Assurance and Compliance - PRC Clinical - PRC Clinical offers Quality Assurance and Compliance services to pharmaceutical companies from phase I-IV. We are a full-service CRO established in 2003.
  • http://www.prcclinical.com/clinical-services/clinical-trial-management-system/ Clinical Trial Management System - PRC Clinical - PRC Clinical leverages cutting-edge technologies for your clinical trial: Our CTMS is a secure and comprehensive Clinical Trial Management (CTMS) system.
  • http://www.prcclinical.com/news-and-events/events/clinpulse/ ClinPulse: The Expert Event Series by PRC Clinical - Clinpulse is an ongoing series of expert panel discussions by PRC Clinical, on topics related to the advancement of clinical research.
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  • AmazonShopper - The closest to perfect stroller I've found

    I'm a bit of a stroller junkie - always looking for THE perfect stroller. Well, as we know, that likely doesn't exist . . . But WOW the Baby Jogger Pod comes really close!!! We have the jogging wheel and the stroller wheels. We do not have the trailer attachment.

  • Ryan - works perfect if you do what the instructions say

    i had doubts as to how well this product would work after i saw the price tag and so many negative reviews but i swear, if you do as the instructions say, this will work as good as it does on the commercial. my headlights 95% like new which to me, seems about as good as i can get for my 14 year old car. dont let the small bottle stray you away either. the bottle was enough for my headlights, my fog lamps, the trim and my bumper (yes it does bumpers). although it says not to use it on paint, i decided to use it on my rear bumper because for some reason, it was whitening. i was amazed to see that after it had dried, i could no longer see the white that was on my bumper. it worked fantastically. what i did was i parked my car in the garage around 9pm facing outward and kept the door open while i was using it. the smell is very strong. i worked on everything previously listed for about an hour and let it dry over night. it says it only takes an hour to dry but i wanted this to turn out as great as possible. the next day i checked on it and it looked as great as the night before after i had used the wipe new. the next day, i also drove it about 20 hours after the application but i was sure to check the weather so it wouldnt get wet. the following day (36 hours after application) i got a car wash and the wipe new was still there, it had not faded or anything. two car washes and plenty of rainy days later, the wipe new has still not faded, yellowed, whitened or changed in the least. my headlights are still clear, my trim still looks like new and my bumper still doesnt have the white on it.

  • Huka42 - Saved my kitty

    My wife gave me 6 months to get the cat from peeing in the upstairs hallway or she's sending the cat to the animal shelter. I had tried EVERYTHING! Vinegar/peroxide/baking soda, natures miracle, stink free, pulling up the carpet and pad. This was my last hope. With in a week of plugging in the comfort zone diffuser, there were NO MORE MARKINGS!! It's been a little over 3 weeks since the last marking and she now seems to find the box everytime. I am pretty sure it was the dog that moved in about 18 months ago that stressed her out and started marking in the first place. It's been that long of having a urine soaked hallway. But, not anymore!! I still have a lot of clean up to do, but, she has seemed to stop peeing outside the litter box. Great product!!

  • Duane Gayer - Great book by a terific author.

    If I was raring the Kindle version, I would have given it two stars. This book is excellent if you wish to have access to knowledge at any level of excel. Do not buy the kindle version as I did. Kindle is good for reading for entertainment purposes, not for studying as it is hard to navigate back and forth in the kindle version. I had to order the hard copy that I could move back and forth as I developed my worksheets. I repeat, do not get the kindle version.

  • Verna - Typographical errors ruined my experience.

    I began reading this to my four year old grandchild. She was captivated by each story and wanted me to read another and another. That was great. However, I was shocked to find two glaring typographical errors in the first reading. Using lead instead of led is a basic mistake. I hope being a grandmother does not place me so far out of what is being taught in schools these days, but come on!!!! Get it right!!!

  • R. Eye - Sage 50 offers better inventory management but expensive add-ons make it not so complete.

    Sage 50 Complete 2013 is accounting software that used to be known as Peachtree Complete. It has its own database, which can make installation challenging. After installation, the setup wizard asks you to select your accounting method - cash basis or accrual. Once an accounting method is selected, a GUInterface appears to help you navigate the software such as your preference in flowchart formatting. The software shows YTD revenue, accounts payable, accounts receivable, account balances, and display graphics such as pie charts displaying pertinent data. These are accomplished via widgets. Customization is performed by the addition/removal of widgets. Unlike QuickBook Pro (2012), Sage 50 offers a wider variety (LIFO, FIFO) of cost-basis options for inventory while QuickBook Pro only offers one (average cost).