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  • Amazon Customer - Designed for looks, not for ease of use

    I got this for Christmas from my daughter. I'm an old geezer, but I am a retired engineer and know a few things about design. I have to admit that the clasp on the wristband pretty well defeated me. No matter how good (or bad) the technology, if I can't get the device connected around my wrist, it's worthless. I downloaded the user manual, and that was basically no help. So why couldn't they have supplied this device with a normal wristwatch type clasp or buckle? The company needs to look at human factors much closer in designing their devices. Also, the setup was incredibly involved -- way too much for a so-called neat bit of wizardry. Finally, the web site does not provide an app for windows phones (Hey, I live in Redmond WA; so I have a Windows phone), but fortunately I was able to find an app in the Windows phone online store. All in all, I am initially very disappointed in this device. Once I am able to get it running on my wrist, I will update my review.

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