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Program on Forests (PROFOR) | Program on Forests - Through knowledge and innovation, PROFOR promotes smarter forest policy that can reduce poverty, spur economic development and protect the environment in developing countries.

  • http://www.profor.info/knowledge Our Knowledge | Program on Forests - PROFOR activities focus on 4 main themes --improving the livelihoods of forest-dependent people, enhancing forest governance, financing sustainable forest management, coordinating forest policy with other sectors. The resulting knowledge spans many countries and topics.
  • http://www.profor.info/fieldnotes Field Notes | Program on Forests - Our knowledge-sharing blog highlights analysis, stories, data and events that resonate with PROFOR's broad forest interests, whether they originated in our shop or not. Feel free to share your thoughts through comments.
  • http://www.profor.info/content/donors Donors | Program on Forests - PROFOR is made possible thanks to the financial contributions from the following donors:
  • http://www.profor.info/content/impact Our Impact | Program on Forests - Since 2002, PROFOR has supported over 100 knowledge activities, focused on four key themes: improving people’s livelihoods through better management of forests and trees; enhancing forest law enforcement and governance; financing sustainable forest management; and coordinating forest policy across sectors.
  • http://www.profor.info/content/funding-criteria Funding Criteria | Program on Forests - Knowledge activity proposals are an outcome of discussions with global partners and donors and with World Bank central and regional technical staff who liaise closely with counterparts and local stakeholder groups in developing countries.
  • http://www.profor.info/knowledge/balancing-development-trade-offs-across-forest-mining-and-agriculture-republic-congo Balancing development trade-offs across forest, mining and agriculture in the Republic of Congo | Program on Forests - The Republic of Congo (ROC) is a country of competing natural riches. Above ground, nearly 24 million hectares are covered in pristine tropical forests, which provide homes and livelihoods to millions of people, as well as habitats for the gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants and other rare species that live among the trees.
  • http://www.profor.info/notes/what-do-forests-have-do-disaster-risk-management-qa-annegien-tijssen What Do Forests Have to Do with Disaster Risk Management? Q&A with Annegien Tijssen | Program on Forests - () PROFOR spoke with Disaster Risk Management Specialist Annegien Tijssen about her work incorporating knowledge on forests towards minimizing the impacts of natural disasters. 
  • http://www.profor.info/events/international-seminar-%E2%80%98improving-collection-and-use-data-socioeconomic-benefits-forests-and-t Launch of the sourcebook on national socioeconomic surveys in forestry | Program on Forests - FAO, CIFOR, IFRI, LSMS and PROFOR of the World Bank jointly launched the sourcebook ‘’National socioeconomic surveys in forestry: guidance and survey modules for measuring the multiple roles of forests in household welfare and livelihoods” 

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  • Golly Gee - Semi-informative, completely compelling

    While the first 56 pages offered great detail on the symbiotic relationship between the outlook for wooden toilet seats and the price of rice in China, I was disappointed to find the authors completely neglected to take this cogent argument to the next obvious iteration: pandas. Yes, not one mention of the overarching impact of the Great Panda's increased presence in Chins and the availability:demand ratios in the regions adjacent to the Panda Preserves. Of course, if this area isn't in your investment portfolio, this book is 100% on target.

  • Jacquielovestoshop - thinking we may have wasted $50. The local locksmith cut the key for ...

    One of my original keys was lost years ago (3 daughters), and on the second the buttons were worn off, had to use my nail to activate it. We purchased this, thinking we may have wasted $50. The local locksmith cut the key for free. The directions to program the key are odd, it's almost like hop on 1 foot backwards around the car 3 times. On the first try, we got it to start the car. But we couldn't program it so the buttons worked to lock/unlock. We called the seller, and they told us to go to a website, I think it was programmykey.com. IT WORKED!!!!! And it's still working perfectly. I am extremely happy with my new key!!! My car is a 2005 Scion tC.

  • Amazon Customer - I like the looks and the comfort

    I like the looks and the comfort. I wear a 7 in the shox's so I ordered a 7 in the air max. They r a little big though, but not enough to return. I should have ordered a 6 1/2. Lots of compliments.😊

  • Daria Shulishova - Gassy baby and no increase in supply

    I was hoping it would work but it did not. I have finished half of the bottle and have noticed no increase in my supply. I have also noticed that my baby started being very fussy and gassy after I started taking it so I'm going to stop now and won't finish the bottle. Sadly it's just a waste of money in my case

  • Kevin Tic Robinson - Thank him later....

    This may be the album people come back to years from now as the turning point in his ascension to the top. I love hip hop artists who make the music they want to make. This album is not perfect but its a good one. I really enjoyed the storytelling skills he displayed on the song "Wet Dreamz" especially.

  • Amazon Customer - Terrible product, worse customer service!

    I installed this unit in my home after Hurricane Sandy as we had no heat and this was supposed to be a high end unit. Over the tree years since I have twice woken up to no heat or hot water! Not only was this extremely inconvenient, but Navien made me do a tremendous amount of paperwork and then denied all coverage anyhow. I would NEVER buy any product manufactured by this company again (would have given zero stars were that possible!).

  • VeryOn - Advanced, forward thinking design with equal containment opportunity...superior to folders!

    My grandfather ran businesses, and his father before him. We used to keep women in loose leaf folders. Recently I realized the immense opportunities presented by new technology. We have come so far in our containment, there's no reason to look back now. Stride forward with a new and durable binder! Large quantities of women fit comfortably under your arm and don't easily get out of place! It used to be that one wrong move would leave stacks of women all over your floor. What a mess!